Why Must You Always Buy Luxury Watches From Authorized Dealers Only?

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With a luxury watch, it all comes down to personal preference. More opportunities to make the most of Certified Dealers (AD) perks like champagne toast and in-depth product explanations are available. Fantastic deals are more common in the gray market. In the vicinity of financial markets, where there is volatility and fluctuation, you can find the best deals. You can get unbelievable deals on high-quality watches in the middle price range on the black market or through bulk purchasing. Buying timepieces from a trusted retailer has many advantages:

Why is a guarantee from the manufacturer so crucial?

If you buy the greatest watch from a luxury brand from an authorized dealer, you are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty against mechanical failure or manufacturing faults. If you require a manufacturer warranty on your luxury watch, the brand will ask to see proof that you purchased it from a legitimate retailer by showing them your initial warranty card, complete with the purchase date and the approved watches dealer’s stamp. Distributors are not obligated to honor the sales and revenue if the item has been purchased by someone who is not an authorized Korloff watches distributor. When the watch has also been fixed or operated by an undesirable 3rd party, the company’s guarantee becomes invalid.

Keep away from shady vendors.

Many unlicensed vendors in gray markets buy their watches from underground sources without being able to say for sure where they came from. If the seller is not an authorized watch producer, the stated prices may seem too good to be true. However, the fine print usually reveals that they are selling their “own” guarantee rather than the suppliers’. This indicates that the watch is not going to be sent back to the maker for after-sale warranty servicing. Instead of having the watch serviced by someone who knows how to do so properly and who has access to proper replacement parts, the watch can be serviced by an unauthorized dealer, thus causing further damage and expense. If you buy a watch from a legitimate distributor, you can be confident that it is genuine and that any service issues will be handled by the manufacturer. When you have an original watch, then you can find the best Luxury Watch Buyers in the future. 

Without checking if the dealer is authorized to offer luxury watches for women, you run the risk of buying counterfeit, fake, or stolen items. Protection granted to you will still be unavailable, and your watch will have no warranty whatsoever if the unlawful distributor goes out of business.


Authorized merchants must meet the standards set by each brand. For this reason, we place a premium on training our staff to provide unmatched service across all of our premium brands. As a recognized, multi-brand store, we are able to articulately compare and contrast an Omega as well as a Meccaniche Veneziane watch, as well as the complexity of a Zenith COSC-certified chronometer, as well as the exquisite craftsmanship of a gold-plated case collection of diamonds. It is necessary to have the right watch to get the best price from Luxury Watch Buyers in the future. 

An authorized dealer’s knowledgeable staff is well-versed in all things related to luxury timepieces, from their intricate inner workings to their distinctive designs. Even on the road, if you have any worries, we’re here to offer you first-rate support. Investing in a timepiece from a trusted retailer ensures that your investment is protected no matter where you and your watch travel or what other misfortunes may befall you. Dealing with timepieces calls for extreme caution and acumen.

Authentic Goods

Only by purchasing from an authorized retailer can you be confident that you are receiving a genuine timepiece. There is no way to know for sure that an electrician watch purchased outside of the official distribution network of such a manufacturer is genuine. It is impossible for genuine Century Swiss watch labels to track the provenance of units sold by unauthorized sellers because the serial numbers have been altered or removed entirely. In that case, the assurance is null and invalid. The “gray goods” or “parallel import” versions of Swiss watches are still available through unlicensed dealers. They look and function similarly to what a shopper may find at an official retailer, but they have not been made with American consumers in mind. They don’t have the proper paperwork to enter the country, and they don’t comply with U.S. regulations. Distributors do not honor manufacturer warranties for products that are illegally marketed outside of authorized channels.

Support that’s prompt, reliable, and easy to understand

To ensure continued success in the long term, we at Registered Dealers would love to form lasting relationships with each and every one of our devoted customers. By supplying an unrivaled portfolio of brands with the finest assortments, all in pristine shape, we do this. Even if other dishonest vendors list the same model, they probably can’t verify an order there and then. Instead, you will be instructed to call the manufacturer, who will then have to place a special order for you.  What does this favor you, the client? You can get your hands on any watch right this second. So, you have a choice: you can pay money for someone to go out and get the wristwatch for you, or you can pay money and have the Eone watch in your hands within days, if not instantly.

With all these tips, you will be able to get the best and original watch and also will be able to get genuine Luxury Watch Buyers when you decide to sell it.

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