Which Internet Provider Is the Safest for Your Home?

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  • Safest Internet Providers for Your Home 
  1. Spectrum
  2. Mediacom
  • Final Thought… 

When it comes to choosing the safest internet provider for your home Wi-Fi, the choices are quite limited. There aren’t many providers who care about internet security that much. However, if you realize the importance of internet security and how simple social networking can expose you to the potential danger of data leaks, phishing, and hackers, then there are 2 internet service providers that you can count on for security. 

Spectrum and Mediacom are well-known names in the industry, operating for more than decades and providing competent services. For secure digital services like the internet, people turn to these providers only. Let’s dig in and learn all about the security features and software these providers have to offer. 

Safest Internet Providers for Your Home 

  • Spectrum

As the 2nd largest cable provider in the country, Spectrum already has a reputable image that makes it a more reliable choice than many others. It offers services in more than 42 states, and has a full range of entertainment plus communications services, including internet, home phone, and cable TV. Spectrum has made sure that its customers get only the best internet service. It uses what we call the hybrid coaxial-fiber internet technology. This type of internet transmits data over a combination of fiber and coaxial cable lines, depending on the distance the data has to travel. 

Spectrum’s security suite is definitely a go-to choice for residential as well as for business users. Those who really value internet security, would definitely enjoy using the Spectrum security suite. Whichever Spectrum internet plan you subscribe to, you will get access to a free security suite software. All that you need to do is to install this software on your devices, such as a Windows computer or a Mac. This software is an award-winning security suite and works as a firewall, anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware. You also get to enjoy parental controls, anti-bot scans, and automatic virus removal. You might need some help from this BuyTVInternetPhone blog that guides you on how to install the Spectrum security suite.

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Its cheapest internet plan starts from $49.99/mo. Other great features and benefits of Spectrum’s internet services include:

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  • 24/7 customer support
  • Affordable bundles of TV, internet, and phone
  • No modem rental fee
  • Uncapped data 
  • Mediacom

Another top-of-the-list internet provider with the best security suite is Mediacom. It is the 5thlargest cable internet provider in America with coverage in over 22 states. It excels in providing cable and fiber internet services, as well home phone and TV services. When bundled together, Mediacom can offer the most affordable digital services to your household. It has been providing services in this industry for more than 25 years, making it a highly competent and reliable name to go for. 

When it comes to internet security, Mediacom takes great pride in itself. The Total Defense is a security suite that all Mediacom internet plans come with. So, as a customer, you will enjoy the following features:

  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-spyware
  • Anti-phishing
  • Social network defender 
  • Protection against hackers
  • Parental controls
  • Block websites 

You get full protection for up to 5 of your devices. To learn all about the parental controls and how you can install and make the most out of your Mediacom Total Defense security suite, check out this comprehensive guide from Total Defense itself. 

There are so many more perks and benefits that you will enjoy with Mediacom Internet. Some of these include the following:

  • 100% fiber network
  • Cheapest plan starts from $19.99/mo.
  • Powerful in-home Wi-Fi
  • Lots of bundling options
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Final Thought… 

The lack of choices we have when it comes to choosing safe internet providers can be disappointing. But Spectrum and Mediacom internet services themselves are so competent, that you don’t need to look anywhere else. There are some other factors to take care of as well when concerned with internet security. Make sure you have chosen a well-encrypted internet router and modem. Moreover, set up guest networks for your home Wi-Fi, and ensure you keep the antivirus software updated at all times. 

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