What Your Bridal Veil Suits You Best According To Your Style

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Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life, and you must do everything to make it unforgettable. One way to ensure that you will remember this day is through your bridal veil. 

A veil would complete your entire bridal outfit. However, more than that, a veil also highlights your appearance while also enhancing your wedding dress as it complements the gown’s beading and embroidery. 

Bridal veils come in various designs, which may seem overwhelming when you are first starting to choose. However, you can select what veil suits you best according to your style or the style of your wedding dress. 

Read through the article to determine what veils do your style the most.

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Jasmine Veil

The Jasmine Veil is lovingly embroidered with beautiful flowers decorated with beads, jewels, rhinestones, and gems. The flowers are spread through the entire back of the veil, which creates a perfect view if your wedding gown is backless. 

To show off your backside, opting to go for this veil would make a volume as you walk down the aisle, looking like a breathtaking sight not only for your groom but also for the guests.

Celestial Veil

The Celestial Veil is beautifully decorated with 335 hand-sewn constellations on light white tulle with a flawless cutout border finish that sparkles as you walk down the aisle. These days, many believe the power that starts hold or the way astrology explains people’s behaviour. 

Aside from its beauty, you can choose this veil if you hold astrology close to your heart. Or perhaps, choose this because you are the type to sparkle in everyone’s eyes whenever they see you.

Primrose Veil

The lovely Primrose Veil is made of interwoven floral lace and pearls and flows over the crown of the head and accents the sides of the face. The primrose veil is close to the classic and vintage style and focuses more on the front side. The embroidered floral drapes beside your face and do not entirely cover it. 

This veil is perfect if your wedding gown has a plunging neckline that would show your collarbones. But to stay true to the vintage style, why not pair this veil with a vintage wedding dress that would go well together?

Magnolia Veil

You can never go wrong with a plain and straightforward veil. There are two perfect reasons why you should choose this dress, and it is rooted in what kind of wedding gown you have. First, if your gown is blooming with beading and sequins that you wish to show off to guests, a simple veil would help you emphasise that. 

However, if you focus solely on your simple personality, it wouldn’t hurt to choose this veil. Simplicity in a wedding wouldn’t come off as boring but rather sentimental. 

You wish to treasure the moment and the event, which would frame you beautifully like an angel with flowy drapes behind you as you walk. 

Every bridal veil fits a white or ivory wedding gown, and most of these veils have their layer that is hand-stitched onto a comb that can be inserted into an upstyle or fitted into loose curls to keep it securely in place. But what differs from these veils more than various embroidery and beading is the personality of whoever is wearing it, you. So your chosen veil would show who you are. 

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