What does a leveling kit do for a Tacoma?

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If you just need to alter the stance of your journey, getting quality leveling kits will permit you to do that. Adding some blue Loctite to the three studs will help ensure they don’t come loose. To start, you can easily pull out the bottom bolt that was holding the coilover in place while you did all of the work.

Do Tacomas need a leveling kit?

The spacers are from CNC-machined billet aluminum, and the rear blocks are from iron. Lift kits could elevate your truck considerably and usually include suspension components you’ll have to swap out. In contrast, leveling kits are easier to install and much more reasonably priced. But if you want leveling equipment to lift the truck to fit bigger wheels and tires, it is smart to get equipment that can raise both ends of the car. Some leveling kits embrace solely front spacers, and others embrace spacers as nicely as rear blocks.

Now is the time to lift the body of the vehicle, which will pull the leaf springs away from the axle. Ig will allow you to place the spacer between them, supplying you with the rear carrier.

What are the cons of a leveling kit?

I’ll go searching for some extras, and I’ll take a glance at Bilstein. Lifting requires dropping the switch case to maintain the driveshaft angle. I do not want to go nuts with this truck as I did with my old Jeep. The factor stuck out like a sore thumb, and I blend into the crowd now. For a better expertise, please enable JavaScript in your browser before continuing.

Don’t worry; they’re very easy to place again as they have a small hole on the underside that goes over the center pin of the axle. This setup is simpler than you think and by anyone familiar with a truck, a floor jack, and some jack stands. Take your time, double-check your work, and it will take you and a buddy 4–8 hours to complete.

Do leveling kits cause problems?

It is an added bonus when the components are powder coated to withstand corrosion and even painted to match the manufacturing facility’s suspension colors. In this guide, we’ll take you through every little thing you have to contemplate before you purchase leveling equipment, and we’ll conclude with some of our top suggestions. You will want to get extended brake lines as these get very tight when you are at full droop, and it is also a good suggestion to get differential drop equipment. We discovered that the stock shocks need to be longer for this package, and when you plan on taking your truck off-roading, we advise you to get different rear shocks.

Is it better to lift or leveling your truck?

Please note that you should buy U-bolts separately. Leveling kits are designed to degree out your truck’s peak from front to rear; however, lift kits are much more comprehensive, and you could lift your vehicle from wherever between 3′′ and ten ′′. With the truck sitting on the axle, slide the longer U-bolts provided over the leaf springs and next to the axle, being careful not to hit the brake lines. Go with tacoma leveling kit at KSP Performance.

The spacers themselves are high quality and a great choice if you’d like something distinctive, as the other choices are all black to match the manufacturing unit suspension. Rough Country’s entrance leveling equipment is billet aluminum, like many other options on our record. Torch Off-Road makes some excellent merchandise highly regarded among Tacoma owners, and their leveling kit is no exception.

Do leveling kits wear out ball joints?

When deciding how to begin or continue the build-out of your Toyota Tacoma, the suspension is nearly always one of the first mods that come to mind. Whether you need to lift a new truck or upgrade an old one, we have you covered with this 40% off MSRP promo. The Toyota Genuine Accessory Warranty will only apply when a trained Toyota-approved installer carries out the installation.

If your objective is to level out the front finish with the rear, you’ll only require a leveling kit containing the front spacers. The article is about how you can lift and level a manufacturing unit in Tacoma. Due to the slight amount of rake, the extra top within the rear from the manufacturing unit, including three ′′ in the front, would solely want one other two ′′ within it again to have the ability to “level” the truck.

The Tacoma gets 2 inches of rake from the manufacturing facility, and that’s for a reason. You can do that one step at a time if you prefer, but you’ll still need to separate the U-bolts on each side to give yourself enough slack to separate the truck from the axle.

Do you need an alignment after a leveling kit?

You must construct the leveling kits using durable materials such as aluminum and chrome steel. All the gears on our record are for 6-lug Tacomas, so remember to double-check that you’ve got a 6-lug bolt pattern before buying any of the kits listed below. However, some lovers favor leveling out the stance of their Tacoma, and others want to optimize the handling for when the truck just isn’t loaded. In case you’re wondering, “rake” is what you get when the rear of your vehicle is raised higher about the entrance.

The equipment is powder coated, which not only looks cool but also supplies resistance to rust and corrosion. The first half of this record evaluates Gen 1 Toyota Tacoma leveling kits. These kits aren’t suitable for the 2005 and later mannequin years. To place the spacer between the axle and the leaf spring, you want to have the ability to separate them.

Will a leveling kit hurt ride quality?

My how-to or tech tips will convey truck enjoyment to you. Now is an efficient time to place the sway bar back into place and tighten the 17mm nut right down to 52 lb-ft. You should occasionally adjust the spindle to suit your needs best. Go with leveling kits for tacoma here.

This package does not change the geometry of the manufacturing facility suspension. This package will allow your manufacturing facility journey and lengthen the trip to move a manufacturing unit. Contact us with any questions you may need on an upcoming project or to see what ideas our group of skilled Toyota lovers has that you haven’t thought of yet.

Does a leveling kit affect driving?

It is a great entry-level stage kit for those looking for improved efficiency and quality over the traditional price range-minded non-adjustable strut/coil combination kits. The entrance coilovers in this package have characteristic vehicle-specific upper mounts, including composite bushings that isolate noise and vibration.

One thing we like about this leveling kit is that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Installing it is a breeze and might be accomplished in under 2 hours. If you don’t get your wheels aligned after altering your ride height, you’ll experience decreased handling performance. However, suppose you intend to drive off-road and want one of the best approach angles when you hit the trails. In that case, you’re typically better off leveling your Tacoma with aftermarket shocks and coilovers or a carry package instead of spacers.

Rear shocks have a sturdy bracket system, a laser-etched brand, and a premium braided metal reservoir line. However, if you are solely concerned about raising the nose of your truck to match the rear top better, you could wish to choose the kit that can do that most successfully. In other words, if you measure the spacers and discover that they are not three ′′ tall, don’t worry; they may still provide a three ′′ raise.


We have been working exclusively with Toyota trucks, SUVs, and other automobiles for years and have the expertise and insight you should consider in your subsequent construction. The equipment will present you with a two ′′ rise to the front of your Tacoma; it comes with two black spacers that will match your inventory suspension colors and all of the hardware you need to set them up. KSP Performance’s aluminum entrance leveling package will raise the front end of your Tacoma by 2 inches. The 2nd and 3rd-generation Toyota Tacomas are compatible with identical leveling kits, whether the model year is 2005 or 2022.


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