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If you are looking for a good football betting website, UFABET911 is the best, a football betting website available 24 hours, making people more fun and comfortable, easier to use than before. With service, all types of prices are Asian prices or Hong Kong prices, including European prices.

UFABET, you can be confident with a service that meets standards, rules, agreements, international standards, high payout rates, huge commission discounts. including important can use the service from This website page immediately, you have the entrance link for access to the service, including in the application and can receive various promotions according to satisfaction Excellent football betting site.

Football betting terms that you should know before starting football betting

For football betting terms that need to be studied, there are many types to choose from. As you know, gambling in everything requires a thorough understanding of the basics and terminology, especially in football betting (แทงบอลออนไลน์) with names, writings, and symbols—betting Considered to be very important. If anyone doesn’t know, it’s best to take the time to learn before investing. UFABET entrance in the Thai language

football betting terminology

HALF TIME (HT) is betting on the first half of the first 45 minutes of kicking the ball.

FULL TIME (FT) is betting on the whole time of 90 minutes of play.

LIVE is a selection of football betting while playing. without finishing the game

O/U = is a selection of bets on the total score of both sides, whether over or under

O/E = to bet on the total score of both sides, whether even or odd

MONEY LINE (ML) is a football betting that chooses to predict the match’s outcome only. There will be a selection to predict: 1 = choose the home team to win X = choose a draw 2 = choose the away team to win with HT FT included as follows.

HT1 = Choose the first half; the home team wins.

HTX = Always choose the first half

HT2 = First-half selection; away team wins.

FT1 = Choose Full-Time Home Win

FTX = Always choose full time

FT2 = Selected Full Time Away Team Wins

OUTRIGHT = Choose to predict the winner of the tournament.

SINGLE BET = Choose to bet on a single ball.

MIX PARLEY = Choose to bet on uniform or ball steps (at least three pairs).

CORRECT SCORE = Choose to predict the score at the end of the game.

Advantages of online football betting

  1. Facilitate the gamblers who choose to use the service a lot, where the gambler can use the service through UFABET whether you use the service via the GOOGLE CHROME, SAFARI, IE, FIREFOX GOOGLE page. Various channels by connecting to the Internet allow me to access online football betting comfortably.
  2. In playing football online, there are main formats for you to choose from, including high bets. Low bets, full time or half time, including playing football, step football and many other types of services.
  3. That online football bettors can look at the statistics of the football teams in each team and analyze the results of the matches in each team in the past that will give you a chance to win. in betting as well
  4. Using the services of football online through the website is stable and highly secure, as, on the online gambling website, it have a team that will take care of every customer and do not have to worry about being cheated because you have a system that stores information on your bets every time so that the safety of the gambler does not have to worry at all.
  5. As for the service of football online, there are still changing prices all the time, which is a tremendous advantage that Nong Pan doesn’t need to invest a lot because the price of football will continually change.

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