The Fundamental Merits of Using Stratus Information Systems

September 27, 2023 by No Comments

Businesses’ need for innovative solutions grows as they expand and scale. It is critical to examine how important technology and your network are to your firm’s daily operations. As cyber threats become more problematic over time, taking appropriate precautions to scale your network security and management is vital. This is where Stratus Information Systems and Cisco Meraki come in. 

These systems have comprehensive solutions that deliver all the resources you need to manage your network.

Superior Security

Security is one of the significant difficulties that businesses confront when shifting to the cloud. Cisco Meraki offers cutting-edge solutions to this problem. Meraki’s options are adaptable and can meet your specific needs, whether you require a basic firewall, VPN connectivity, or complex security solutions. Meraki’s cloud-based solution keeps your data completely safe and secure. 

There are numerous features to prevent data loss, security breaches, and other issues. Your IT staff will have all they need to enforce your network’s ironclad security with real-time intrusion detection, precise and detailed reporting, and built-in forensic tools. 

Scalability is Simple

Businesses that need to scale must address network management obstacles. Stratus Information Systems thrives in this market. Scalability is a major reason why so many businesses are shifting to cloud-based network management platforms. Logistically, a cloud-based system enables an organization to more easily react to changes in needs and demands. 

You must have a scalable network solution to be competitive in your business. Cisco Meraki does just that, allowing you to build solidly.

Outstanding Internal Team Support

Cisco Meraki is well-known for offering excellent worker support. Because the world has changed forever, more and more teams are working remotely. Stratus Information Systems ensure that businesses are connected no matter where they are and work to improve internal connections. The system’s support team is there to help troubleshoot whenever an issue arises and give frequent updates. 

Their solutions and software enable remote teams to solve problems swiftly and efficiently while remaining in sync. Finally, providing your team with 100% connectivity results in a smooth experience. The dashboard enables you to work from anywhere while maintaining the same degree of control and visibility as you would in the office. Are you concerned about a potential danger or network breach when you’re not at your desk? 

You can check everything on the dashboard, communicate with your team, and protect against threats. 

Simplified Cloud-Based Management 

The Meraki dashboard is one of the best features of Cisco Meraki products. This dashboard is a cloud-based administration interface that lets you operate and monitor routers, switches, and security devices from a single spot. Aside from device management, the Meraki dashboard allows your IT department to manage users, network analytics, network permissions, and much more. This can take a major burden off your team’s shoulders. 

Your IT personnel can also work remotely because your system can be managed from any country. Meraki goes above and beyond by providing automatic patches, firmware updates, and other services regularly. This all-in-one platform enables administrators to control and manage operations from any location at any time.

A Centralized Location for Managing Thousands of Devices

Stratus Information Systems offers a unified management interface for your network(s). Your endpoints, gadgets, security, and firewalls can be managed from a single cloud interface. Rather than handling all of those devices and settings individually, you can manage them all with a single click via the Internet. This is especially important in an era where an increasing number of workers work remotely at least some of the time (and can also aid organizations that are expanding geologically). 

The system allows you to verify that your whole network is protected the same way across all your locations.

A Good Choice for SMBs

Stratus Information Systems are appropriate for organizations of any size. Still, they are especially valuable for SMBs because they allow small teams with limited time and resources to maintain their network effectively. While the system lacks the capacity of more advanced Cisco technology and gear, Meraki isn’t far behind and is more than capable of meeting the needs of smaller enterprises.

Simple to Implement

Stratus Information Systems are quite simple to set up and use. You only need to log into your account to control devices and settings. The user interface is simple to use, and there is no steep learning curve.

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