Smart Casual Style Guide For Men: How To Instantly Upgrade Your Look

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Since men’s fashion has become prominent on many men’s clothing websites, it might be about time to start giving you guys some advice on appropriate dress codes. We all know dressing up can be quite taxing sometimes, so we’ve decided to give you the low-down on what is considered smart casual.

This dress code is probably the easiest one to master as it encompasses most clothing items that are present in your wardrobe. With a swipe of some neutral colours like navy, grey or corduroy and accessories such as watches & belts , smart casual attire will be complete. Doesn’t sound too hard right? Well then let’s begin…

The Basics

  •     Jackets/Coats – 

It may come as no surprise that jackets and coats are staples in any man’s wardrobe. However, to dress smart casual every day, the easiest way to put together this look is to opt for a leather jacket or bomber instead of your regular winter coat. Make sure it fits you well and if you’re not used to wearing one, get ready for some envious looks! You can also go with casual suit jackets, those look dope on mens.

  •     Jeans – 

A pair of skinnies will probably be your go-to jeans when dressing smart casual but make sure they are clean and ironed . You can always mix things up with a dark wash or coloured denim too.

  •     Chinos/Shorts – 

If it’s hot outside then chino shorts are perfect for any smart casual outfit Team them with your favourite slim fitting t-shirts and you’ll be good to go.

  •     Tailored Suits – 

Like we’ve previously mentioned, you don’t need to ditch your suits altogether when trying to achieve the smart casual look. A tailored suit is definitely one of your best options if you’re looking for something more formal . Just make sure that you wear it with looser trousers and remove the tie …and leave it in your closet when heading out for drinks on Friday night!

  •     Trousers – 

Now, this is where it can get tricky…smart casual trousers are much more versatile than you think. You can wear them with a t-shirt or dress shirt for the perfect business casual look or team them with your favourite pair of jeans if you’re feeling adventurous! If in doubt however, navy chinos are your best bet at nailing the smart-casual dress code.

  •     Navy Chinos – 

We’ve already mentioned these but we can’t stress enough how important they are in achieving the perfect smart casual look! Team these bad boys with some Oxford shoes and white polo shirts and you’re set!

  •     Vests – 

Vibrant colours always look stylish when dressing smart casual , so why not try a vibrant coloured vest next time you’re heading out? Skip the plain black ones as these can make you look a little bit too formal . Stick to vests in more interesting colors such as red, yellow or blue. You can probably wear them with pretty much any outfit as well…just don’t do it with your work suit!

  •     Floral Shirts –

 If you love wearing shirts to work then this is the perfect opportunity to inject some style into your shirt collection. Floral prints were huge last year and we’re sure they will be just as in-demand this year. Team them with some chinos in a similar shade to create the perfect smart casual ensemble.

  •     Casual Shirts – 

There’s no need to tuck in your t-shirts when trying to dress smart casual . Team them with some dark denims and trainers for an easy breezy outfit.

  •     Sweatshirts – 

Sporting the latest trends is always a good decision when it comes to dressing smart casual , so why not wear your new sweatshirt with some of your favourite denims?

  •     Shirts – 

With summer approaching, you can start wearing lighter colours without looking too formal . White or neutral coloured shirts are perfect for this look. Team them with some navy chinos and you’re ready to go!

  •     Shoes – 

Now, shoes are probably one of the most important factors when trying to dress smart casual . There’s nothing worse than having an awesome outfit ruined by scruffy footwear. If opting for trainers, make sure they are clean at all times…no stains allowed! To complete your look however, leather brogues are a great choice as they can be paired with jeans, chinos and the odd suit!

  •     Accessories – 

This is where you can have a little bit of fun! You should experiment with different accessories such as watches , ties and pocket squares to create a stylish ensemble.

The Outfit

So there you have it guys…all the info you’ll need on dressing smart casual . The look is easy to put together but if in doubt just remember this one golden rule: whatever you do, make sure that your clothes fit well ! It’s not about being trendy or following every new fashion trend that comes along…it’s all about looking good! Remember…smart casual is not something for weekends, so surprise us next Monday with your new smart-casual look…

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