Simple Steps to Develop Your Brand Identity

February 1, 2022 by No Comments

Each person is unique. In the same light, your company should also have its uniqueness. It is why it is important to identify what makes your business special. Figuring out your brand identity is the next big step in any growing company that seeks to expand into a larger business model.

How do you start finding out what your brand identity is? Before you seek advice from a branding agency, you should at least know the basics of developing one from the get-go.


To begin with, you should distinguish the difference between branding and brand. Although there are instances where the two can be interchangeable and go hand-in-hand, they are different in marketing definitions.  

Branding is the active marketing a company does to form its distinctive identity, and the identity that shapes up is its brand. Simply put, brand identity is the world’s perception of a company. 

Brand identity is the overall theme of your company. It’s that special something that once your target market sees, they will instantly associate and recognize your product. But, more than just recognition, your brand identity will be the bridge between you and your loyal customers. It will essentially be the market’s perception of your brand.


Before coming up with how your brand identity will look like, you should first dig deep and look back to your company’s humble beginnings. Layout the foundations and find out the answers to these simple questions:  

01. Why did I start this company, and what is its mission?

02. What values drive my company, and what do we do better than our competitors?

03. What makes my company different from the rest?

04. If your company was a person, what would be its personality, and how would it communicate?

Once you’ve laid out these foundations, it’s time to build the identity that will showcase who you are in the market.


Your corporate design assets are centre-stage when it comes to your brand identity. These entail your logo, packaging, marketing collaterals, business cards, web design, employee uniforms, and social media graphics, among others. 

All these should have a theme that would be your company’s persona. But where do you begin?

In developing your desired design, you should first key in its building blocks – the typography, colour palette, and shape or form.

01. Typography: This refers to the fonts you’d be using for your branding materials. Typography is crucial for your logo design.

02. Colour Palette: Colours have psychological ties to your customers. Keep in mind what your product is and what colours would go well with it. Choosing the right colour scheme for your logo and branding will greatly impact public perception.

03. Shape/Form: This is more of a subtle element to design, but shapes can also tingle the minds of your customers.

Now that you’ve decided on the groundwork, it’s time to work with your team and bring your brand identity to life. Remember that your brand identity will be the focal point of many marketing elements.

Choosing the right branding agency to work with will be a clear advantage for your team. Work with people who value your brand identity, and customers will see you for who you truly are.

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