Personal injury claim in Wyoming: Avoid these 5 mistakes

February 7, 2023 by No Comments

People often feel shocked and disoriented after an injury, especially if the accident happened due to someone’s negligent action. Filing a personal injury claim in Wyoming doesn’t have to be complex, but victims often make mistakes in how they deal with the case. Before anything else, you may want to check the website of a reliable injury law firm to find necessary info. In this post, we are sharing five common mistakes that you must avoid.

  1. Avoiding medical treatment: You may think that your injuries are minor and don’t need extensive medical care, which could be a big mistake. If you don’t seek treatment immediately, it can be hard to prove that the other party caused the accident. No matter the consequences, always see a physician soon after the mishap.
  2. Talking to the insurance company: The claims adjuster has contacted you with an offer and wants a statement. At this point, you may assume that the insurance company is on your side and wants to help you, but this could be a big error. Insurance companies only work for profits and don’t care whether you get a fair settlement. Your statement could go against you.
  3. Posting on social media: We love to post things on our social handles, but your accident or the consequent injuries are not meant to be public fodder. Do not post anything online, as the insurance company will be looking for ways to deny your claim. Any kind of traction on social media can go against you.
  4. Accepting the first insurance offer: Insurance companies may have a “deal” for you, but the initial bid is always lower than what a victim deserves. Unless you know what your claim is worth or how much you should get for your damages, do not accept the same. Don’t let the insurance company gain from the financial stress you are dealing with.
  5. Not hiring an injury lawyer: Hiring a lawyer for your injury claim is the best step you can take to protect your rights. A lawyer will review your claim, gather the necessary info, and ensure that you don’t accept the initial insurance offer. They will also negotiate and discuss the settlement on your behalf, and when necessary, they will file a lawsuit against the at-fault party.

Call an attorney now and ask for a case assessment, which is usually free with almost all firms in Wyoming. Meet the attorney to know how to proceed further.

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