Partner addiction – what to do?

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We live in a world where it is very easy to get addicted, but much more difficult to break free from it. It is not only addicts who suffer from it, but also their families and partners. The more so because often people from the close environment fall into the so-called codependency, which consists in remodeling life into a sick person. So what to do when a partner’s addiction is taking over our lives? When to fight for it, and when is it better to save yourself?

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Partner’s addiction – how to help?

Your support will definitely play a key role in the recovery process. However, the most important thing is for the partner to notice that he actually has a problem with his addiction. And he wanted to change his life. Without it, it will be really difficult to help him. So try to honestly and patiently talk to your partner first about how his addiction is having a negative effect on him and your whole life. It is imperative that you conduct such a conversation when he will not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or drugs. A sound mind will be crucial.

In addition, you can help an addicted partner in the following ways:

Find help for him

Remember that the addicted person has to decide on his own to start treatment. However, you can suggest it to him, and when he agrees – look for proven specialists. You will have quite a lot of options – therapy in the center or individual or group meetings with a therapist. The choice of the form of treatment should be adjusted to the level of addiction. If the addiction was related to narcotic substances, then a detox will also be necessary, during which the patient will get rid of drugs from his body, etc. In this case, it is worth choosing a private addiction therapy center, because you will not have to worry about queues, and then the second, it will be possible to contact specialists more often, which will significantly speed up the treatment.

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Be patient

You need to know from the very beginning that the process of recovering from addiction is a long and complicated path. Unfortunately, very often it is a sine wave, which sometimes shows positive effects, and other times the patient lacks motivation or willingness, which makes the addiction for a moment stronger than him. You cannot expect your partner’s addiction to change after the first meeting with a specialist or after the decision itself. The will to fight will always be the key. Of course, if the process of freeing yourself from addiction takes years and still does not bring positive results, you definitely have the right to feel disappointed and seriously think about breaking up.

Don’t make excuses

A common problem for partners whose significant other has become addicted to addiction is that they constantly want to defend and justify them. Finding excuses that a few beers a weekend is no sin or others drink the same amount, is a road to nowhere.

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Also, do not be under the illusion that the problem will go away by itself – it is not enough that you tell your partner not to take drugs, and he certainly will not. Addiction is a disease that takes away a willpower. Here you will need the help of specialists, their experience, and often also pharmacological agents and individually selected therapy.


Try not to force or blackmail you, just motivate. It is crucial for the addicted person to decide for himself and find for himself reasons that will distract him from alcohol, drugs or gambling. Getting out of addiction is a struggle, and to win it, you just have to find enough strength. You cannot control this aspect – you can only serve as a support, and that is often a lot.


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