Optimize RAN with 5G Tester Equipment & RF Drive Test Tools

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Planning and optimizing a mobile network with accuracy is crucial. If it does not happen, specific sites will result in poor signal quality, leading to churn and negligible revenues. Generally, RAN planning and optimization is something where you need to decide to build new cell towers for delivering improved coverage to your subscribers. In the case of 5G RAN, planning is to decide which of your existing towers to deploy 5G, and where to deploy additional small cells, this will deliver the best QoE for subscribers, thereby minimizing churn and achieving the required return on CAPEX invested.

Benefits –

  • This RAN planning and optimization process delivers a 5G network plan that ensures meeting the QoE expectations of your customers.
  • The seamless automation and integration of 5G RAN development and enhancement meet the ROI expectations of your management.
  • Also unlocks new use cases which enable mobile network operators (MNOs) to drive revenue growth with targeted network investments.


But here some questions come. How can engineers be assured that their RF planning and optimization are effective? How can engineers be confident to ultimately deliver on the quality of experience (QoE) expectations of their subscribers and the return on investment (ROI) requirements of their management? The answer to these questions is RF planning and optimization solutions. This will give mobile operators powerful tools to plan and optimize networks accurately and efficiently. There are five key requirements needed for effective planning and optimizing your 5G RAN.  So, now let us see the 5 key requirements for effectively planning and optimizing 5G RAN along with Smart 5g tester, 5G test equipment, 5g network tester tools and Smart 4G Testing RF drive test software, Cellular LTE RF drive test tools & equipment in detail.


Outstanding subscriber QoE and maximum return on the CAPEX will get guaranteed if the RF designs are accurate. AI/ML-based coverage prediction engines are gaining a dominant position in delivering accurate RF designs and ensuring the arrival of the optimal network design. AI/ML-based prediction not only allows engineers to rapidly deliver accurate strategies but also helps operators in reducing the number of base stations without concerning user experience.


When it comes to the productivity of engineering resources, the planning tool should be more efficient t use for the same, which will decrease the deployment times of 5G networks. Whether it’s increasing engineer productivity with efficient workflows or increasing ROI and managing intricacy through automation and automating network design workflows with AI, an efficient planning tool will help.


When planning a best-in-class network (5G RAN), leveraging high-resolution 3D maps and multiple input data sources (such as crowdsourced, drive test, geolocated call trace, and social media) should be established to drive effective decision-making. Moreover, it can obtain actionable insights from network KPIs by integrating crowdsourced data automatically.


When it comes to reducing operational costs for planning your 5G RAN, integration of network planning with network lifecycle automation (NLA) processes (such as testing, assurance, and operations) is necessary to implement. For example, the integration of business processes is essential to drive not only productivity by reducing operational costs but also efficiency.


When it comes to planning the tools for enhancing 5G RAN, a cloud-native architecture is the one that can become the approach of choosing – provides the high availability and disaster recovery that are necessary for a business-critical solution. The computing resources enable faster computation times and deliver several business benefits associated with a cloud architecture in a cost-effective package.


With the right RAN planning and optimization, operators can enhance the projected business results such as revenue, churn, and QoE of their 5G investments. To meet such requirements, you need to perform network measurement and RantCell is one of the best mobile-based tools to choose from. With RantCell, you can not only conduct continuous tests on 6G/4G coverage but also save money by avoiding logistic and hardware expenses. Some other additional benefits, such as easy to use as you can install RantCell app on smart devices to run the test, appropriate for benchmarking solution, crowdsourcing, and more.

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