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Wenxuechen is a Chinese language web website that goals the Chinese ostracize local area abroad, specifically those in Canada and the US. This web website capabilities for news, workmanship and satisfaction. As well as being a stockpile for Chinese language information, it is likewise a news source.

Xu Xing’s eyes showed up from indefinite quality Wenxuechen

Brought into the world in Walk 1956, Xu Xing is a creator, social understudy, and unprejudiced narrative producer from Beijing. At a more youthful age, Xu Xing moved to Zhidan region in northern Shan’xi territory to study and compose. In 1977, he enlisted in the naval force and served inside the 21st Corps of the Lanzhou Military District. After grounding from the naval force, Xu Xing again to Beijing and started to write down in six months or less.

Xu Xing’s compositions have been screened across the world. In France, she has gotten grants for “Best Narrative” and “Best Craftsman.” She has acquired a few honors, along with the Request for Expressions and Writing and the French Service of Culture. In Taiwan, she has likewise been highlighted in Tianxia magazine, and she or he changed into highlighted in a summary of violations distributed by utilizing the Franch mag Le Monde.

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Xu Pingsheng’s arm became shrouded in cotton fleece
Xu Pingsheng slipped the shirt off his casing and moved up his pants. Under his shroud, he held a bowl of fish food. The voice of a recognizable lady rang in his ears. Xu Pingsheng has been caught in the tree for quite some time and wanted to free himself. He ought to accept a shocking face at whatever point he shut his eyes.

Xu Xingzhi’s “correct hand” got out of his sleeves
Xu Xingzhi transformed into doing matters since they were attractive to him. He had seen that the phantom flames had been revolving around him yet different into in any case unfit to decide the wellspring of the apparition fires. This made him suspect that the Phantom Lord became choosing a child in-guideline or a spouse. Luckily, the apparition fires were not genuine.


At the point when Xu Xingzhi was walking, Tao Xian was holding his left hand and was before Xu Xingzhi. As the two people drew nearer, Xu Xingzhi gripped his tooth and contorted his right wrist brutally. His “legitimate hand” got out of his sleeve, and Tao Xian froze and shrank towards the stone wall.

Xu Xingzhi turned hit with a feeling of despairing. However he didn’t understand the specific explanation, he speculated that his previous proprietor held profound feelings for him. He went to the sleeping pad feeling discouraged. The ensuing morning, Meng Zhongguang delicately drew Xu Xingzhi close to his palms and connected a hand to his chest.

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