Impress your partner with stunning solitaire rings!

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Are you looking for a unique idea to impress your partner on the occasion of your engagement? Do you want to make your engagement ceremony more special with the best quality solitaire engagement ring? Do you want to make your engagement occasion more romantic and memorable?

Well, then you should go with the idea of presenting a sparkling solitaire ring to your partner. Solitaire is a single piece of gem that adds extra beauty and aesthetics to the jewellery. The difference between solitaire and a diamond is nothing but their weight. Solitaire weighs more than 0.3 carats, making it more dignitary and notable during your engagement. Solitaire is costlier than diamond but makes it worth every penny. Even though single women can also wear this solitaire ring, a solitaire ring is a classic example of an engagement ring. Most partners express their love to their co-partners by presenting a surprise solitaire ring.

Is the solitaire ring a good investment?

Solitaire engagement rings bring in 95% of the market value. In some cases, the returns could be of much lower value. But, who wants to return an engagement ring? So it is worth investing in. It provides a vintage look and makes your partner feel divine.

How to identify a real solitaire diamond ring?

When you look at your solitaire diamond with a magnifier and do not identify any imperfections, it is a fake solitaire. Real diamonds come up with flaws. Solitaire engagement rings look stunning, versatile, and classic.

Specialities of solitaire engagement rings

Solitaire rings are known for their elegance and simplicity. It is the popular form of engagement ring which never gets old and out of style. They are available in different shapes, namely round, oval, pear, princess, marquise, emerald, cushion, heart, radiant, and baguette. You can even customise and design the ring according to your preference.

Availability of solitaire rings

Solitaire rings are available in all countries. One can shop with any jewellery trader or in an online or digital shopping platform. When you shop online, go through the customer reviews and the trustability of the source. A warranty card with details and a guarantee is available for every real solitaire ring. You can even wish to buy less expensive solitaire rings for ornamental purposes and official usage. 

Solitaire setting types

You can choose your solitaire setting according to your preference. Some of the types are,

Halo diamond ring

It is a popular solitaire design that is preferred universally.

Three-stone diamond ring

It consists of a big stone with a combination of round and other fancy shapes.

Accents diamond ring

Center solitaire with the combination of different colours such as rose-gold and yellow-gold.

Vintage diamond ring

It is a popular vintage style design with gold carvings oxidised to give a flossy and beautiful finish.

Certification and necessary documents

When buying real solitaire, any piece of jewellery requires certification and licensing that any customer should be aware of. 

Solitaire-type engagement rings are more attractive, and it is designed and available with all kinds of metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. It is also available in many colours: rose-gold, yellow-gold, white gold, and two-tone gold. It is gender-neutral, and designs are available for both men and women. You can customise and design according to your partner’s preferences to make your engagement ceremony more special and romantic. 

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