How to Buy Bitcoin in Australia

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In Australia, you can use various online exchanges to buy bitcoins. Some of these exchanges are Coinbase, eToro, CoinSpot, and FTX. These exchanges are safe and secure and allow you to invest in bitcoin online. They also offer withdrawals straight to your bank account.


There are several advantages to buying bitcoin from an Australian exchange. For starters, there is a low fee structure. In addition, exchanges in Australia and other countries have anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing regulations. These regulations require operators of exchanges to collect information about their customers, including proof of identity. This process is commonly known as “know your customer.”

Coinbase is among the safest places to buy digital assets. It uses industry-leading security features to protect customer funds. The exchange stores 98% of customer funds in vaults and safe deposit boxes around the world. It also offers 2 Factor Authentication for added security. And it uses AES-256 encryption for Bitcoin private keys. This makes it a safe exchange to buy cryptocurrency in Australia. However, if you’re concerned about safety, you’ll want to choose another exchange.

Trading is speculative

When you buy bitcoin Australia with eToro, you are essentially trading on a margin account, which means you contribute a portion of the total value of the order. This money is then leveraged to give you a higher buying power. For example, if you buy bitcoin Australia for $1000, you would borrow $9000 from eToro. If the price drops, you would pay the broker the difference in price. However, you should be aware that margin trading is speculative and your capital is at risk.

To make deposits, you can use bank transfers, PayPal, or Western Union. Bank transfers are the cheapest option, but you will be charged a fee of about 0.5% of the total value of your deposit. Other deposit methods require a fee of 1% of the amount transferred. In addition, you’ll have to pay a $10 inactivity fee for holding open positions. If you don’t want to pay this fee, you can sign up for eToro’s CopyPortfolio service, which offers free account management.


CoinSpot is a reliable, simple and secure way to buy bitcoin in Australia. The platform makes it easy to buy bitcoin anywhere, anytime. Within minutes, you can have your Bitcoin in your mobile wallet. To make sure you’re a real person, you’ll need to go through six steps of verification. You may receive a verification message after completing the steps. Once verified, you can buy and sell bitcoin.

Fees are transparent and start at 0.1%. The exchange also doesn’t charge for withdrawals to Australian bank accounts and instant buy and sell transactions. Users can also benefit from other services, such as portfolio tracking tools and 24 hour live chat support. In addition, CoinSpot doesn’t charge for POLi, PayID, or direct deposits.

To purchase bitcoin in Australia, you’ll need to sign up with CoinSpot. In order to register, you must be 16 years or older. To keep your funds safe, CoinSpot has an anti-money laundering policy. CoinSpot is also certified by the ISO 27001 standard.


If you’re thinking about buying bitcoin Australia, FTX may be a great choice for you. FTX has many unique features, including a native token (abbreviated as FTT), and a competitive fee structure. In addition, you can earn rewards by staking FTX’s tokens. Staking rewards can include reduced trading fees, free daily ERC20 withdrawals, and more. FTX also supports a variety of payment methods, including credit card and PayID.

FTX has also been licensed by the buying bitcoins Australian regulator, AUSTRAC, and complies with KYC and AML requirements. In addition, FTX is self-insured, which means it isn’t liable for financial losses if something goes wrong. Australia is a big opportunity for FTX, whose CEO says it represents a “natural next step” in the company’s global expansion. Recently, FTX was awarded a license to operate in the United Arab Emirates. The Virtual Asset Regulation Law in the emirate appointed a watchdog to monitor the budding crypto sector.


FTX also offers BTC options trading. With this segment, FTX offers a USD payout for high-volume traders of BTC options. Shorting bitcoin options on FTX can also yield instant profits. Additionally, FTX is home to the pioneering MOVE smart contract, which enables futures trading with raw BTC and moves funds according to a specified time period.

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