How long will it take to recover after breast lift surgery?

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According to an article, the cosmetic surgery industry is booming in Australia, including Sydney. Many Australians are opting for cosmetic surgery, including breast lifts. According to another article, the breast implant is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures in Sydney and the entire country of Australia. Hence, if you are looking to do a mastopexy procedure, you can search for the best surgeons who provide services like breast lift in Sydney. If you read further, you will get to know about the breast lift procedure and the recovery time.

What is a breast lift?

Breast lift is also called mastopexy, which allows the plastic surgeon to change the breast shape. This procedure removes the excess skin and raises the breasts by reshaping the breast tissue. You can improve your self-confidence and self-image after this procedure. This surgical procedure can be done if you have sagging breasts or your nipples point downwards.

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How to prepare for this procedure?

You must first consult with your surgeon and discuss your goals. You can search for photos that describe the shape and size of the breasts. You can show them to the plastic surgeon and talk about your expectations. Although you might have certain expectations, the surgeon will first consider your health. Your surgeon will give you the details about the procedure. After all, it is vital for you to be well-aware of the procedure. You will be instructed not to smoke, not to consume any medications that can cause bleeding, and take antibiotics if required.  Before the procedure, you must plan for the recovery period. For example, you must avoid lifting items that are heavyweight for approximately 4 to 6 weeks after the procedure.

What happens during the procedure?

The outpatient surgery center, the doctor’s personal operating room, and the hospital setting are places where your breast lift surgery can be complete. Your surgeon will find the proper position of your nipples and mark them. You will be given an anaesthesia or sedation in the operating room. After removing the excess skin and raising the breast tissue, the surgeon will insert your implants and close them with bandages. You might have small drains in your breasts, which might last for 24 to 48 hours.

What happens after the procedure?

After the breast lift procedure, you will have to cover the breasts with a surgical support bra and gauze. In your breasts, there will be small tubes placed to drain any excess fluid or blood. You might feel soreness and pain around the incision area, and your breasts will be bruised or swollen for approximately two weeks. Numbness in your breast skin, areolae, and nipples might last for at least six weeks. Your doctor will recommend you take pain medication in the first few days of your procedure. You must avoid lifting, bending, and straining. You must sleep on your side or back to remove the pressure from your breasts. You can look for surgeons who provide services like breast lift in Sydney.

What is the recovery time of this procedure?

During your recovery from the breast lift surgery, your doctor will remove stitches within two or three weeks after the procedure. You might feel a pulling sensation, which can be uncomfortable. You might notice changes in your breast. You will have to avoid intense activities for four weeks.  When doctors plan a recovery time, it can take up to three weeks. You can ensure that your incisions will be fully healed one month after the procedure.  To not make your scarring noticeable, your plastic surgeon will make incisions on the underside. You will have to continue wearing supportive bras for a few months.

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