Factors to Consider When Buying Davis and Shirtliff Water Pumps

March 8, 2022 by No Comments

For a very long time since 1946, the Davis and Shirtliff have been the leading suppliers of water-related equipments in Kenya, East Africa, and Africa at large. Among such are water pumps. To purchase a better water pump to be used for a long time, there are factors you need to consider as shall be explained in this article.

A water pump is an electro-mechanical device that transfers water from one point to another through increased pressure. With the increased industrial growth and the development of agricultural mechanization, the demand for water pumps is now high as they are needed to cool the engines in industries and also support the irrigation of crops in farming. Below are key factors to consider when buying a water pump.

Pump discharge

This refers to the amount of water passing through the outlet valve or pipe at a given time.  It is always measured in liters per second (Lps), and generally referred to with the letter “Q”. Water pumps with higher discharge pull more water in a small-time as compared to water pumps with low discharge; this is why it is advisable to go for water pumps with higher discharge.

Pump capacity

This refers to the calculation of electric power required to drag water by the pump. It’s sometimes known as the rated power and often measured in Horse Power (HP). The optimum quantity of the pump required for a certain job can be evaluated with the help of a pump discharge and maximum head. Therefore, higher Horse Powered results in high power usage.

The price

When it comes to the price of a water pump, the price varies according to region. However, the Davis and Shirtliff Water Pumps Prices in Kenya are fair. This has enabled them to stay in the market as the leading suppliers of water pumps and other water-related equipment for such along.

Maximum head

This is defined as the maximum distance or depth from which the water pump can draw water. It is measured in feet or meters depending. The pulling force decreases with increased distance or depth of the water and reaches zero when maximum depth is attained. It is always mandatory for the maximum head to be higher than the distance or depth of the water and has to be a vital factor to consider.

Size of inlet pump

The water entering the pump depends so much on the size of the inlet pipe. If you would require much water to enter the water pump, then the inlet pipe should be bigger.

The type of pump

There are many different types of water pumps on the market, and so, you should choose the right pump that fits your job. These include; borehole pumps, submersible pumps, and many more. You need to research out the right pump for your job. This will limit you from making some errors.


However quickly you need a water pump for your job, for purposes of security and not making unnecessary losses, you should consider the above factors before buying one.

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