Everyone Should Know About Wood Fireplace Inserts

October 27, 2021 by No Comments

Wood-burning fireplace inserts are becoming a popular alternative for New England homeowners looking for additional warmth. A wood-burning insert allows you to experience the quiet rumble of logs burning on the fireplace while retaining the majority of the heat that would otherwise be lost up the chimney. A typical fireplace is only around 10% efficient on a good day, but a wood insert may be up to 80% effective. Because of the increased efficiency, you will be able to heat more square feet of your house with a blaze blazing in your fireplace.

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Wood fireplace inserts combine wood stove technology with the visual appeal of a fireplace. They are intended to burn wood more effectively and to circulate heat around your house while also modernizing the appearance of your fireplace. The appliance is compatible with both masonry and factory-built fireplaces. It’s an appealing addition because of the decorative glass doors and beautiful paneling along the side. Stove & Fireplace Center carries wood fireplace inserts in a range of styles ranging from rustic to modern.

We offer a fireplace insert that will match your home décor and fulfill your demands, whether you want to heat one room or an entire floor. If you are unclear about your heating needs, one of our certified hearth specialists can gladly come to your home, take measurements, and give advice and help on choosing the best electric fireplace.

Wood burning is actually environmentally friendly

One of the advantages of replacing your fireplace with a wood insert is that you will have a lower environmental effect. While wood is a sustainable, carbon-neutral fuel, conventional fireplaces release hazardous consequences of combustion into the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) low emission criteria are met by modern wood burning inserts. They are innovatively built to fully burn wood and combustion byproducts, resulting in lower hazardous emissions.

Some EPA-certified wood inserts actually outperform the EPA’s criteria and are classified as clean burning. In addition to lowering pollutants, the enhanced efficiency of wood inserts decreases the quantity of fuel required to provide a considerable amount of heat. With a wood insert, you may use less wood to heat your house, and each log you burn generates more heat. You may feel good about choosing to heat your house with a roaring fire if you use an EPA-certified wood insert.

Elegant and practical

The appealing appearance and enhanced functioning of today’s inserts are two additional advantages of installing a wood insert in your house. Some versions are as powerful as furnaces. With the push of a button, you may start the fire and enjoy the heat it produces for up to 12 hours without having to add more fuel. While the technical specifications differ from model to model, today’s wood inserts provide benefits that conventional fireplaces cannot equal. Your fireplace will remain a visually appealing focal point. We offer finely made cast iron inserts and sleek, modern steel inserts, among many more designs, so you don’t have to trade your fireplace’s visual appeal for utility. 

Visit us in person to see how nicely a wood insert can transform the aesthetic of your fireplace. Our knowledgeable team would be delighted to walk you through the installation procedure and highlight the unique characteristics of each model. We can lead you in the correct way if you’re searching for a wood insert to heat your living room or one powerful enough to augment your furnace.

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