Different types of precious gemstones and their purpose in life

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There are various types of gemstones available in the market nowadays. But which type of gemstone would bring meaning to your life or which type of gemstone you need for your betterment depends upon your sun sign. You should never buy any gemstone just because it looks pretty to your eyes. Consult an astrologer for the same first and then they will let you know that which gemstone will suit your requirements. Gemstones range from Yellow sapphire, ruby, pearl, pink sapphire, red coral to green sapphire and much more. It is very important to adhere to Gem Selections. Anything done out of your own choice and without any advice from an astrologer can put you in a worse situation. So,before buying any gemstone, you should consult an astrologer. Quality gemstones are precious, but this feels like a one-time investment. You will feel so much relaxed in your life once you will have a gemstone. It sorts all of your problems and helps you to live a peaceful life. 


Let us know about the names and certain details of gemstones. Below listed are the types and purposes of gemstones:- 

  1. Yellow Sapphire 

This type of gemstone is mostly purchased by Hindu people. They firmly believe that Yellow sapphire helps in strengthening the rays coming straight from planet Jupiter. It helps in bringing home more wealth, knowledge and status.

  1. Blue Sapphire

This gemstone is meant for those people who love to have influence and control over people. If you are someone who will wear blue sapphire, you are going to get fame, honour, wealth in your coming years.

  1. Emerald 

If you want to be someone with sharp memory and brain, Emerald gemstone can do wonders for you. It is believed to be one of the most precious gemstones. If you want to have peace and harmony in your life, you should buy it.

  1. Red Coral 

The most amazing thing about this gemstone is that it is formed in the sea and therefore has a very impressive texture. If your life is too hard on you and you want to have some courage to fight it back, the red coral gemstone is the one.

  1. White Sapphire 

This is the gemstone loved by most of the young generation people. This gemstone helps to bring joy to a person’s life. Wearing white sapphire will ensure that you have a high lifestyle. The famous film stars, anchors, models and other professionals are often witnessed wearing this gemstone.

  1. Pink Sapphire 

If you want to have status, wealth and power like a king, this gemstone can do wonders for you. It is very rare to be found. Pink Sapphire is also known as Gulabi Pukhraj. 


So these are some of the types of precious gemstones and the purposes that they serve. You don’t have to think twice while purchasing the gemstones. Khanna Gems is one of the most reputed brands of gemstones that provides non-heated and non treated gemstones. Hindustan times have covered them for their excellent services in the past 30 years. It is the right time to eradicate your problems with precious gemstones. 

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