Competitive PUBG Gaming: Master the Battlegrounds

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PUBG’s competitive mode is distinct in one respect: You have a smaller playing field. If there aren’t any favorable spots left to be acquired without a fight, most teams want to avoid it. Using this method results in a large number of late-game participants.

This means that you need to have a lot of quickness and understanding of your surroundings in order to be in a favorable position.

Whether you are a competitive or non-competitive PUBG player, this post will help you cope with some of the challenges you may encounter when entering the competitive scene. Even for those who simply enjoy 12Play betting in the Esports scene, this article may come in handy.

Learning the roles

A four-person team is required to play this game. Tactical shooting games, like PUBG, thrive when played in groups. In order for this to function, specific positions have been defined in teams, and a player could also hold many roles.

Leaders play a critical role in many organizations. This character, often known as the In-Game Leader (IGL), is akin to a receiver in soccer. When using the IGL, you’ll learn where to go, what to battle, and how to spin.

A key advantage for the IGL is that he or she has the most in-depth understanding of zone changes and the map as a whole, especially in the later phases of the game. To assist when the IGL falls short of ideas, the Co-IGL offers assistance in making tactical decisions.

A Shot-caller is a team member who is solely responsible for announcing the next fight that the squad will engage in. Many of these are experienced fraggers who are adept at gauging the strengths and weaknesses of an opposition squad. A shot-caller, like the Co-IGL, relieves the IGL of some of the responsibility.

On the battlefield, Fragger‘s sole responsibility is to produce as many deaths as possible. As opposed to the player, a supporter usually stands further back, keeps an eye on the field, points out where the enemies are, and generally provides coverage for his team.

Finally, a strong PUBG squad should have a specialist who is the team’s leader and is well-versed in the best scouting spots. Every 12 Play bettor of this game knows this.

Scout comes in handy in this situation. A scout is a professional who specializes in navigating unfamiliar territory. A second scout typically follows the first one and scouts from a new location, while the first one continues to follow and go back to where they were previously scouting.

Understanding team play

Before you begin the game, you should have a game strategy in order. When on a team, a pro is always a dependable contributor. You should land near to your teammates if you are playing with a group.

How might this benefit me? Imagine that you’ve been knocked out and your team has a better chance of saving you if you stay near to them. You should aim to land in areas with a higher chance of survival if you’re playing alone.

If you’re playing by yourself, you’ll have a better chance of landing in areas with valuable stuff. Team survival is more important than a relatively high kill ratio in a team environment. Striking out on your own is an excellent strategy, but it’s important to remember that surviving opens up new doors.

Take your time practicing

Despite the fact that this is a given, most 12 Play Singapore players don’t go into a game thinking it’s a practice run. Humility and practice are considerably more practical than embracing the idea that every session is a professional one; this is a nice philosophy but not a practical one.

Modes such as the Arcade and War exist for a specific purpose in the game. These activities aid in the improvement of your abilities and the development of a keen sense of intuition, both of which are highly valued among gamers. Half of your gaming time should be spent in these modes, where you can improve your general abilities.

If you become conscious of your shortcomings, practicing is even more crucial. Maintain a laser-like focus on this and improve your skills.

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