Centralize 5G with LTE 4G Tester tools & Wifi/Wireless Site Survey Software

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You may wonder, where is a highly skilled RF engineer that gives value to 5G network testing? The answer is that they can manually test the 5G network by driving around the country or planning, examining, and reporting on nationwide testing projects by seating at HQ. But the old way of doing 5G network testing is not financially or physically scalable – further, in this testing methodology, the engineers use their own approach, methodology, and scripts.

When it comes to wireless networks, the challenge of managing and optimizing them becomes more difficult as the networks are more powerful and sophisticated. Here, 5G demands a next-generation approach to network testing and those should be centralized, and automated. In this process, engineers don’t require to collect test data by focusing on managing nationwide testing projects and analyzing results through driving.

Centralized management of 5G network testing is a variety of network testing solutions that empowers you to orchestrate, monitor and report on your network testing projects from a centralized back office. Centralized management will help you not only to generate work orders but also monitor testing progress, analyze the captured data, and create customized dashboards in real-time. Whether it’s centralized orchestration, monitoring, or reporting, they all reduce network testing costs on 4G and 5G by allowing you to follow criteria. So, now let us see how to centralize your management of 5G network testing along with Smart 4G Tester, 4G LTE Tester, 4G Network Tester and VOLTE Testing tools & Equipment and Smart Best wireless site survey software, site survey tools for wireless networks & Wifi site survey software app in detail.

Centralize management​: This can be done from a centralized back-office by planning multiple network testing projects and managing all your network testing units. This process will enable you to deliver identical work orders, deploy software upgrades and run the tests remotely on static units.

Increase efficiency: The creation of work orders (drive routes and distributing the same to field test teams) will increase efficiency, which will facilitate engineers to manage many more projects centrally from the back office. This ensures testing is associated across teams to know the time of completion, thereby reducing the time for testing, and preventing cost by repeating visits.

Monitor and evaluate testing progress: You can monitor testing progress to create relevant reports on the completion​ of testing, which means you can validate the status of all your network testing units and detect any expected issues. This will help you to rectify the issues immediately in the presence of field teams.

Use cases –

  • Grid-based network performance benchmarking and optimization​: Our team meets the specified 5G network build-out and performance commitments, which are fulfilled with the regulator. To do this and to cover over 1 million drive test miles, the operator accepted cloud-native centralized management of the benchmarking project to benchmark their network performance against both their competitors and their regulatory compliance commitments. With the benchmarking project, operators can use uniform script distribution across drive test teams to enable the testing of regulator-specified OTT apps​.
  • Automated site verification to accelerate 5G roll-out​: 5G site verification is needed to perform site acceptance services across a significant number of 5G networks globally. For the acceptance of sites, drive testing will be time-consuming, and the lack of sufficient skilled resources available to do the necessary testing. Hence, using the automated single site verification (SSV) solution, the operator can guide testers throughout the process of the centralized network testing orchestration and analytics. Moreover, the SSV test uses AI/ML to decide where to test and what to test, reducing overall testing effort, hence it can be conducted by anyone.


Quality of Experience (QoE) is key to the success of 5G hence, 5G network testing plays an important role. Choose the RantCell tool that will allow you to easily perform 5G tests through smartphones and get insights into the subscriber experience. With RantCell, you can monitor the network performance and get the proper solution by providing QoS to the customers.

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