Can electric scooters go uphill?

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Can electric scooters go uphill?It may sound strange, but it’s a crucial question, especially if you live in a mountainous location. The quick answer is that electric scooters can, in general, ride uphill. Many cities that are known for being electric scooter-friendly are hilly; San Francisco’s steep streets have become iconic as a result of their appearance in numerous Hollywood films, and even Paris, which is not known for just being particularly hilly, contains Montmartre, an idyllic village neighborhood with steep roads leading up to the Sacré-Cur.

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The ability to drive uphill boils down to a scooter’s ability to fight gravity, abrasion, drag, and weight at a certain angle of elevation. As a result, there are a few variables to think about when determining whether or not your electric scooter could drive uphill.

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The steepness of a hill you’re attempting to climb is maybe the most significant factor to consider. Some hills are too high for even vehicles or motorcycles to climb, and many cyclists have experienced the frustration of attempting to climb a hill only to have to bike and walk to the top. A 10-degree gradient may be difficult for certain electric scooters, but 20-30 degree inclines are no problem for the more powerful scooters. While we don’t expect anybody to measure the gradient before attempting to climb a hill, it’s a good idea to take a glance to see if you truly believe you can. You’ll know your scooter’s capabilities if you know it well enough.


Your scooter’s power output is also an essential consideration. Torque is measured in Bennett meters and power is measured in Joules (W) (Nm). Torque is a bending force that causes the wheels to revolve — think of it as the capacity of a vehicle to spin its wheels. The power of an electric scooter is determined by the voltage and current provided to the motor. The more power a scooter has, more the torque it can generate, and hence the greater the scooter’s ability to rotate its wheels. As a result, the scooter applies greater power to the road, allowing it to push you upward.

A 350W engine, for example, should be capable of climbing inclines of up to 10 degrees without difficulty but may struggle with anything higher. With its 48V 422Wh battery and 750W engine, a strong motor scooter, such as our Fuze, will be able to handle even steeper hills with ease. Simply said, the more power you have, the better for hills you are.


It’s important to consider your electric scooter’s weight capacity; it’s the aspect that creates the most impediment to your scooter’s ability to scale a hill. With a little person on board, the same scooter may readily climb a hill, but with a larger/heavier passenger, it may struggle. Choose a scooter that can carry more than your weight; if it can only sustain your weight on a flat surface, it has a poor chance of transporting you up a hill.


Your electric scooter’s tire size, substance, and grip will determine how steep a hill it can climb. Greater wheels make climbing more simpler and hence allow you bicycle climb steeper, larger slopes. Rolling resistance is determined by the material used to make your tires and how it reacts with the road surface. This happens when the shape of the tires deforms somewhat beneath your weight, affecting the wheels’ ability to spin.


Your electric scooter’s suspension system will have an impact on how balanced it remains when riding at an angle. When riding uphill, the rider’s weight will be shifted to the back wheel. If the suspension system isn’t sophisticated enough, the weight will be transmitted to the wheel, possibly causing the scooter’s base to press against it. This will have a significant impact on your performance and increase wear and tear, so avoid it if at all feasible. A more advanced suspension system will help to uniformly distribute your weight and enable smoother, uninterrupted riding, especially uphill.

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