Bilstein VS Fox Shocks; Which One Is Better?

November 25, 2021 by No Comments

It’s nearly impossible to avoid the debate between Bilstein and Fox shocks. If you are into upgrading and modifying your truck or Jeep, chances are you’ve heard the discussion. Which one should you install on your ride? That depends upon how you intend to use your vehicle.

The Advantages of Bilstein Shocks

Bilstein was the first to use the monotube gas pressure shock absorber technology. They’ve been working this scene for a long time. This gives them an edge in performance and enhanced ride. Users of Bilstein shocks repeatedly report the following advantages:

  • Improved control for quicker reactions to road conditions
  • Designed to withstand maximum loads
  • Built with a seamless extrusion process
  • Provides a softer ride than Fox shocks
  • Can last up to 100,000 miles

Bilstein shocks are a great choice if you drive your vehicle every day. A truck or Jeep that doubles as your work car and your weekend off-roading ride is a great candidate for these shocks. They give you the road control you need, but still provide a soft enough ride for normal use.

The Advantages of Fox Shocks

Fox shocks are intended for the off-road enthusiast. This gives them some unique qualities that set them apart from Bilstein and other shock brands, such as:

  • Built of aluminum for superior heat dissipation and lighter weight
  • Provides a firmer ride for higher speeds in aggressive terrains
  • Utilizes IFP barriers for more consistent handling
  • High- and low-speed compression adjusters adapt to a variety of conditions
  • Racetrack-inspired damping technology
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Fox shocks are expensive. They can be twice as much as other shocks on the market. However, Fox shocks are fully rebuildable and rechargeable. This means that they can last the life of your vehicle. When this is taken into consideration, the higher price is justifiable.

Get Fox shocks if your ride is strictly for off-roading. They will give you all the handling and control you want for your best dirt runs. They will feel quite stiff if you’re driving your 80-year-old grandmother to Sunday School.

And Another Thing…

While you’re taking a good look at your shocks, consider an upgrade to your entire off road suspension. After-market lift kits and suspension systems can give you the off-road experience you’re looking for. The advantages of a suspension lift kit include:

  • Increased clearance for your undercarriage
  • Smoother ride
  • Better off-road capabilities
  • Better visibility in congested areas
  • Easier towing

Of course, any after-market modifications to the suspension will change how your vehicle handles and feels on the road. Take those changes into consideration before committing to a suspension lift. 

Combining a new off road suspension with Fox or Bilstein shocks may be just what your Jeep or truck needs rule over the dirt tracks. Move up a few notches in your weekend warrior status with improvements to your suspension system.

Visit your local part store or look for Fox and Bilstein shocks online. Now is a great time to prep your ride for the off-road season. 

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