Best Football Warm-ups to do Before Every Match

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Best Football Warm-ups to do Before Every Match 

If you are not following a proper exercise routine to warm up your body before a football match, your performance will most likely become poorer. Warm-ups are the most effective way to boost up your energy, prepare your body for all the game stress and reduce the chance of possible injuries. It is significant in loosening the tensed muscles and making your body more flexible. But do you know which workouts will be beneficial for a football match? If it’s a no, read along to know about best football warm-ups to do before every match. And you want to be updated on the latest sports news, don’t forget to check out app 22Bet.

  1. Stretching

Stretching is the most essential warm up for athletes, especially for footballers. It brings back the flexibility and balance in your body which you need the most. You should do both the types – the static stretching and the dynamic stretching for ten minutes each. You should include  high kicking, squatting and jumping. 

  1. Jogging 

If you are wondering about which exercise to choose first in the beginning of your warm-up, it should be jogging. Jogging for a minimum of eight to ten minutes will help in raising your heart beat and body temperature in a gradual, unhurried way. You must start slow at the start and increase your speed gradually. 

  1. Frankenstein 

Doing Frankenstein before a football match will pay you much more. After you are done with stretching, hold your arms forward and start kicking the palm with your opposite foot. This will increase your heart rate even more and help your body adjust with the rush. 

  1. Butt kicks

Butt kicks are very simple and fun to do. All you need to do is kick your rear with your foot while jogging. In fact, you can do butt kicks right after you are done with jogging. You can also put your hands on your back and kick them with your foot. 

  1. Closed Knees

Closed Knees are extremely beneficial for hip muscle stretching. But you need to do it correctly, otherwise you can hurt yourself. Start by lifting your leg while keeping the knee straight at an angle of ninety degrees. After holding for a couple of seconds, bring your leg back to its position. Repeat this exercise a couple of times. 

  1. Open knees 

Open knees are very similar to closed Knees. All you need to do is to swing back your leg while keeping your knee at the ninety degree angle. You must perform this exercise a couple of times too. 

  1. Ankle Twist 

Ankle Twist can be your last exercise in your entire warm up routine. Although it is a very easy one, it holds as much importance as stretching and jogging. Begin with slowly rotating your ankles. Use both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. Perform this for at least three to five minutes for each ankle and you are good to win the match. 

Final Words – 

Your Warm-up routine will determine how your match goes. So make sure to follow each exercise mentioned here. And if you are a sports enthusiast, make sure to check out for more sports trivia. 

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