Best exfoliating soaps to get healthy and nourished skin

September 30, 2022 by No Comments

Don’t we all love items that are multifunctional and that give us the benefit of two at the convenience of one? If a soap not only cleanses your face and body, but also exfoliates it gently without compromising the skin, it will naturally became a consumer favorite in no time. This is exactly what happened to T TAiO esponjabon sponge soaps as they became a huge trend on TikTok. People around the world have tried, tested, and reviewed the product and only have good things to say about it. 

It is known to deliver clean, purified, hydrated and glowing skin. Not just that, it also helps in the elimination of dead cells, blackheads, acne and dark spots. Needless to say that the esponjabon sponge soap by T TAiO deserves all the praise it is getting for delivering excellent ingredients at an economical price. There are a variety of these soaps with different actives for the preference of the user. However, they work for all skin types.

  1.       T TAiO esponjabon mother of pearl soap 

This one, in particular, became most popular on social media. It has the Mother of pearl extract which is derived from oyster shell powder. It shows excellent exfoliating properties not only by removing dead skin cells and blackheads, but also by its skin-lightening properties.

This mother of pearl esponjabon soap also has titanium dioxide in its ingredient list,which is an active ingredient for a physical sunscreen. Thus, it can also protect the skin from sun exposure to some extent as well.

  1.       T TAiO esponjabon oatmeal soap

This oatmeal sponge soap is recognised for its gentle exfoliation and for leaving behind a soothing effect on freshly exfoliated skin. It has better exfoliating properties than any of these other soaps, so if rough skin and blackheads are the major issues you are facing, this should be your go-to soap.

  1.       T TAiO esponjabon lavender soap

As the name suggests, T. TAiO lavender sponge soap has lavender extract which has its own healing properties on the skin including anti-inflammation. Its fragrance is also perfect for relaxation to use in the shower after a long day at work.

Irrespective of whichever of these soaps you use, your skin will thank you and in return, reward you with a glowing and nourished texture. Since all the esponjabon soaps by T TAiO are equally suitable for your skin, it all depends upon your preference to choose from the variety of options. If you are also looking to experience this viral sponge soap, you shouldn’t wait any longer.

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