Animal Crossing New Horizons Will Most Likely Not Receive a Sequel

July 5, 2022 by No Comments

Many players have benefited from the ability to take a virtual vacation from the stresses of everyday life thanks to New Horizons. But the slice-of-life simulation game has continued to omit changes and updates that would make it more playable in the long run, causing frustration among those who continue to enjoy Animal Crossing 2.0 Items For Sale. It’s possible that many of these significant changes will be implemented in a future installment of the series.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be released on March 20, 2020, and it will be a reimagining of the Animal Crossing world that players were familiar with from smaller Nintendo consoles in previous generations. The ability to escape to a fully customizable tropical island provided many players with a much-needed means of connecting with their friends, and the game’s design potential, which included furniture, landscaping tools, and custom patterns, provided players with thousands of hours of design time. However, due to a lack of updates, DLC, and new events, as well as a brief main-story narrative, long-term gameplay became difficult, and New Horizons’ popularity dwindled steadily throughout the year 2020.

According to the game’s developers, no additional paid DLC or large-scale updates are currently planned for the game, which many have interpreted as a sign that new Animal Crossing projects are on the way. As a result, it is unlikely that the new installment will be a sequel to New Horizons, given that the current location and story have been largely completed throughout the current game’s duration.

One of the primary reasons Animal Crossing: New Horizons will most likely not receive a sequel is a lack of narrative content in the first game. The gameplay in ACNH is primarily dictated by the player. Instead of interacting with characters and developing relationships, or completing quests to advance the overarching narrative, players concentrate on upgrading their home, the town, and villager houses in order to achieve a high island rating. The primary objective, persuading K. K. Slider to perform on the island, can be completed in a matter of days with dedicated gameplay, allowing the player to devote their remaining time to island decoration and debt repayment to Tom Nook.

Because most of the key factors that distinguish Animal Crossing: New Horizons from other games, such as island living, would have become stale, gameplay would most likely become tedious and monotonous. As a result, it would be more efficient to allow players to have multiple New Horizons save files and to concentrate on designing a new game with new ACNH 2.0 Clothes For Sale rather than adding more save files.

It’s possible that an Animal Crossing: New Horizons sequel will be designed to allow players to import their previous save data from the first game, allowing them to bring their villagers, furniture, and completed house upgrades with them to a new location in the game. A new town location set in the desert or in a rural community could provide new objectives while still allowing players to keep their inventory, tools, and collections. However, because a large portion of the gameplay in Animal Crossing revolves around collecting items, the developers would have to create an entirely new inventory of obtainable items in addition to the existing inventory already present in the game.

An entirely new Animal Crossing adventure for the Nintendo Switch should be developed instead of a sequel, with Nintendo taking into consideration what worked and what didn’t in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Taking an Animal Crossing game, for example, and letting players roam around different towns with different themes could be a fun change of pace for players. The travel options available in New Horizons took players away from their home islands, providing a sense of adventure and providing opportunities for unique exploration. Wild locations filled with fruit, vegetables, collectibles, and resources that weren’t present in New Horizons could also be included, providing players with an entirely new experience while maintaining the same gameplay mechanics.

As an alternative to relying on Timmy and Tommy from New Horizons to purchase items for AC bells, players could create their own specialized retail location. This is where goods could be sold to both villagers and visiting friends, with prices set by the player and subject to change in response to supply and demand. Players may even be required to compete against rival locations in town or choose a specialty such as food, clothing, or furniture, providing excellent reply value for those looking to try a new save with a different focus. These features could help to improve the crafting systems in New Horizons and encourage players to use customization kits to create more valuable one-of-a-kind items that are more valuable to them.

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