6 Rules about wearing rings

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Ring is one of the harder accessory or jewelry to pull off because unlike a watch, a ring doesn’t have any function. A ring may symbolize you are rich but don’t worry in today’s article, I’m gonna be letting you in on the top seven rules to rock those rings like a pro, like a superstar.rings are same as fashion bracelet such as evil eye protection bracelets or fengshui bracelet,rings also has its wearing rule.

1.The first rule for wearing rings is to know that since a ring is worn on the finger a very prominent place, any ring that you wear will get noticed people will judge because not many people wear rings right so it sends a message good orbit that is why it is better to have a meaning behind the ring that you wear as opposed to you know i’m just wearing it for fun and of course you could but it is better to have some significance right.

Some story behind the ring for example a signet ring which represents your family or most commonly a wedding ring which means you my friend is a lucky man,I hope now you might have noticed that i’m always wearing this silver ring in most of my older videos it was actually passed on from my grandmother to my mother and eventually to me. five or six years ago and i have been wearing it ever since nowadays i occasionally switch to a steel ring because i almost lost this ring quite a few times and i don’t want to lose it but i still want to wear a ring.

2.Rule number two and that is since we know that ring sends a message we gotta know what does it mean to wear a ring on each finger, quick fire thumb ring signifies wealth normally people will wear bigger rings on the thumbs and when you wear a ring on your thumb it’s gonna be the most noticeable and it’s gonna be the most flashy next up index finger stands for power and control most family rings and signet rings are one on this finger, next up the middle finger no i’m not gonna point it but it stands for balance because i will mean it is in the middle makes the ring finger, everybody knows what it means, it means that you are married typically in most part of the world.

It is worn on the left hand and nowadays a lot of people love to wear a ring on their right ring finger, just for fun lastly the pinky finger traditionally it signifies an affiliation to an organization or a profession. sometimes even a mafia gang but nowadays i would say it’s mainly just for fashion. 

3.let’s talk about my ring, i love to wear my ring on my index finger,I guess I just want to have more control. I don’t know just feels good on the index finger if you’re only wearing one ring. then I’ll definitely recommend wearing it on your index finger or on your middle finger or unless you’re married on your ring finger thumb or pinky. Just feels a little bit weird and if you’re wearing two rings then the index finger and the ring finger is pretty good combination.

keep it balanced okay on to route number three and that is how many rings should a man wear the answer is you don’t have to wear any rings if you don’t wanna only wear rings if you wanna generally to be safe, I would say for the both of your hands, one ring it is pretty good enough two rings if you’re feeling creative, three rings you are a little bit pushing it, four rings or more you are really starting to look like a try hard.My recommendation is if you want to wear rings start out by just wearing one simple ring get used to wearing a ring. First then slowly and more if you wanna i know that you are eager you might think that you want to pull off that rock star superstar celebrity look with that multiple rings, piling on your hands but for the most of us when we really wear it in real life. 

4.It’s gonna look tacky and try hard as heck on to rule number four, it is all about the size of the ring when it comes to rings you also gotta take notes off the proportion typically smaller hands smaller rings, bigger hands bigger rings.

5.Generally you don’t want to wear something that is too thin it would just make your hand look like they are abusing the ring, anything thicker than four millimeters it is good to go on to rule number five. It is all about the balance when you are wearing multiple rings try not to only wear it on one hand right. What I like to do is to just balance them out but typically i just wear one ring and if i wear my watch on my left hand i would typically not wear any more accessories on my left hand.

I will wear my ring on my right hand instead this way it’s gonna be more balanced on to route

number six and that is to match the metals if you are wearing multiple rings make sure they are

of the same color mixing and matching different colors, just doesn’t look good.My girl friend and I also like wearing couple bracelets,https://www.umisoul.com/collections/couple-bracelets

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6.If you are working in a conservative office environments, probably not a good idea to wear a bunch of different rings and accessories. but if you are in a more casual and more chillax setting then you can pretty much wear as many rings as you want, but of course when it comes to accessories you don’t want to be too over the top right, so remember when it comes to accessories less is more.

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