6 Delicious Ukrainian Dishes That Will Make You Happy

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Imagine a table laden with flavors that promise pure delight, where each bite is a journey to happiness. This is the world of Ukrainian dishes, a culinary treasure trove that turns every meal into a joyous celebration. In Ukraine, food is more than sustenance; it’s a festivity of heritage and taste, designed to bring smiles and satisfaction. As we explore 6 great Ukrainian dishes, prepare to be enchanted by the rich, heartwarming flavors that are sure to make you happy. Let’s dive into this delightful culinary adventure and discover the meals that have been bringing joy to tables for generations!

Potato Pierogi

Potato Pierogi, a gem in the Ukrainian culinary crown, epitomizes the heart and soul of traditional cooking. These little parcels of joy are meticulously handcrafted, starting with a smooth, enriched bleached wheat flour dough that is tender yet offers a delightful chew. The filling, a luscious mixture of rich potatoes and finely chopped onions, is seasoned to perfection with a touch of ground black pepper, creating a flavor that is both comforting and invigorating. The subtle tang of farmer cheese and the creaminess of whole milk elevate the texture, making each pierogi melt delightfully in your mouth. When served hot, perhaps with a dollop of cool sour cream or a fresh salad, they transform any meal into a festive occasion. Whether it’s a special holiday gathering or a simple family dinner, Potato Pierogi brings people together, offering a taste of Ukrainian warmth and hospitality. It’s an experience of cultural delight, perfect for anyone seeking to indulge in a taste of culinary happiness.

Meat Stuffed Cabbage

Meat Stuffed Cabbage, known in Ukraine as Holubtsi, is a hug that embodies the rich traditions of Ukrainian cooking. Each roll is lovingly crafted, wrapping tender cabbage leaves around a heartily seasoned filling of succulent pork, sweet onions, and soft white rice. This blend creates a melody of flavors that sings in harmony, delivering both comfort and depth with every bite. Depending on your preference, these bundles of joy can be lavishly coated in a homemade tomato sauce or a creamy mushroom gravy, enhancing the dish with an extra layer of luxurious taste. The versatility of Holubtsi shines through its suitability for any season – it’s as perfect for a snug winter evening as it is for a bright summer day. Ideal for sharing, this dish is a celebration of heritage and togetherness. Trying Holubtsi means immersing yourself in a world of flavor and familial warmth.

Meat Pierogi

The Meat Pierogi is a masterpiece of Ukrainian cuisine, a dish where every element sings in perfect harmony. The star is the filling: succulent beef, seasoned masterfully to enhance its natural juiciness and flavor. Encased in a dough that’s soft yet holds its integrity, each pierogi offers a satisfying chew that complements the meat’s tenderness. A touch of onion adds a subtle sharpness, while a dollop of sour cream on top introduces a creamy richness, elevating the dish to new heights of flavor. These pierogis from Veselka, renowned for their authenticity and freshness, are a culinary journey in every bite. Prepared daily and delivered swiftly, they embody the essence of Ukrainian tradition. Perfect for meat lovers and those seeking a hearty, comforting meal, these pierogis are a delightful choice for any occasion, whether a cozy family dinner or a special celebration.

Chicken Paprikash

Chicken Paprikash, a dish that brings comfort and culinary excitement in equal measure. The chicken is tender and succulent, simmering gently in a sauce where sweet red peppers and a rich blend of sweet and hot paprika create a symphony of taste. The sauce, enriched with cream and a hint of herbs, is thick, velvety, and utterly divine, clinging lovingly to each strand of the specially chosen noodles. These noodles are a far cry from ordinary, absorbing and complementing the sauce’s complex flavors. This dish is a warm embrace in edible form, perfect for those who cherish the depth of flavor and the comforting richness of a well-made stew. It’s ideal for anyone who loves the interplay of spice and creaminess, and seeks a meal that feels like a home-cooked hug.

Potato Pancakes

Imagine biting into a Potato Pancake that’s so exquisitely delicious, it etches itself into your memory. These Potato Latkes are exactly that – a dish crafted from the finest Idaho potatoes, with a hint of garlic to elevate their flavor. The secret to their irresistible appeal lies in the contrast of textures: a golden, crispy exterior giving way to a soft, flavorful interior. These pancakes encapsulate the essence of homely comfort with a gourmet twist. They’re remarkably easy to store and reheat, retaining their crispness, which means you can savor these savory marvels anytime the craving strikes. Ideal as a hearty snack or a sumptuous side dish, these Potato Pancakes are your ticket to a world of homemade goodness. Perfect for those who cherish the simple yet profound joys of cooking, they promise to be a beloved addition to your culinary repertoire – a ‘Latke’ love in every bite!

Veal Goulash

Step into the heart of Central Europe with every spoonful of Veal Goulash, a dish where tradition embraces exceptional flavors. This goulash, featuring tender veal shoulder braised in a creamy, herb-infused sauce, is a culinary masterpiece. The veal absorbs the intricate blend of marjoram, parsley, allspice, and a touch of Vegeta, creating layers of rich, hearty flavors. The sauce, with its creamy texture and aromatic spices, envelops the tender meat, making each bite both comforting and indulgent. Served over a bed of egg noodles, it transforms into a complete, soulful meal. Ideal for those chilly evenings when you crave something to warm you from the inside out, this Veal Goulash is more than just a stew; it’s a warm embrace of flavors. Whether you’re a fan of hearty European dishes or simply seeking a new culinary adventure, this Veal Goulash is a dish you’ll cherish and reminisce about long after the meal has ended.


Venturing into the realm of Ukrainian cuisine is a journey of delightful discoveries, brimming with heartwarming flavors and rich traditions. Each dish offers a unique taste of Ukraine’s culinary heritage, crafted with care and passion. We warmly invite you to savor these delights and immerse yourself in the joy they bring. And for those want to buy Ukrainian food, look no further than Veselka. Here, you’ll find a welcoming atmosphere that perfectly complements the exquisite, traditional Ukrainian dishes waiting to enchant your taste buds.


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