5 Important Qualities of IT Support for Legal Firms

October 9, 2022 by No Comments

The amount of technology which legal firms these days has been gradually increasing over the years, just as the level of competition in the sector – and these two things are in fact closely related. It is widely agreed that leveraging certain technology can give an organisation an edge over their competitors. For example, small businesses can use technology to bridge the gap between themselves and larger competitors, which in turn makes them better placed to leverage their own unique advantages.

We spoke with a company that provides small business IT support London organisations have used for many years now. According to them, an increased use of technology means an increased need for efficient IT support. The company, who also provide IT support for legal firms, spoke to us about how to find high quality IT support for your organisation.

  • Reactivity

The first thing to look for is what kinds of guarantees the IT support provider places on response times. A highly reactive IT company is imperative for businesses – particularly sectors like Legal. Some providers may claim to be able to fix IT issues within a certain amount of time. A better claim is that they will respond to cases within a fixed amount of time, but will take as much time needed to find the exact solution to the client’s problem. Providers that claim to be able to fix issues within fixed timeframes usually don’t provide the best solutions, only the quickest.

  • Proactivity

As an IT support company London companies rely on, TechQuarters know that IT support companies need to be proactive, as well as reactive. It’s one thing for an IT support provider to be able to respond to a case quickly, but what if they could fix a problem before it happens? Nowadays, through network and infrastructure monitoring, IT companies can hunt for potential IT issues and begin working on them before they have time to affect the client organisation.

  • Flexibility

Flexibility is a most valuable train in any service that one pays for, especially with B2B services. It is rare that there will be a single IT support plan that fits every single type of organisation, which is why it is worth knowing that you have options within the service you are paying for. For example, some companies may not have an office, and so paying for a service that includes callouts may feel a lot like wasting money. This is why many IT support companies offer a variety of plans – such as remote support, capped support plans, extended hours plans, etc.

  • Sector Knowledge

An IT support provider knowing your sector can be very reassuring, but it goes beyond that. An IT support provider with experience providing IT support for legal firms will have more experience in the types of IT issues you experience, and will more readily know the types of solutions you need. The alternative is that the provider is learning about your sector, and the technological demands of it whilst they are on the job – in other words, if you are not careful, you might be paying for the company to learn about your tech demands.

  • Account Management

When you are paying for a B2B service, you want to be sure that the service is a good fit for your needs. An IT support provider can ensure this by providing dedicated account management. According to TechQuarters, they assign every client an account manager who acts as their point of call whenever they need to discuss something related to the business. The good thing about this is that, as the client, you can build familiarity with your account manager, and won’t have to keep explaining yourself to some new representative.

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