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Worlds 10 Most Unusual Hotels

If you are traveling to visit some of your favorite places, you can’t just travel continuously without taking a rest. It is because you are a human, and the human body needs some rest and energy to work at its full potential. Spending some time in a hotel and restaurant could be a perfect choice.

Several hotels and restaurants are famous worldwide. You might have heard the names “Dog Bark Park” in Cottonwood and “Ice Hotel” in Sweden. These are perhaps the most relaxing places that would give you comfortable peace of mind in your travel journey.

But you’ll be surprised to know that several unusual hotels are a source of inspiration. Have a look.

Browns Point Lighthouse

Does colorful illumination make you feel relaxing? Then you should spend a night in the Browns Point Lighthouse in Tacoma, Washington. This lighthouse is of great importance when you consider the best lighthouses in the world.

It has a 30-feet concrete structure by Commencement Bay and is one of the best places to spend your night. This hotel holds keeper programs in which you as a guest can participate. A minimum of two and a maximum of six guests can take part in such programs. If you are with your family, you’ll enjoy a unique learning experience here.

When it comes to pricing, the rates are from $500 to $700 for seven days. Click here to visit the website or contact 253-927-2536.

Cedar Creek Treehouse

Have you ever seen hotels over large trees? You can spend your night in such a hotel too! The Cedar Creek Treehouse is the only choice that would give you a relaxing atmosphere.

This hotel is a private territory that is in the woods of Mt. Rainier. This location gives you a fascinating view of the surroundings. The hotel is 50-feet high from the ground as it stands on the top of the Western Red Cedar Tree, which is about 200 years old.

It is a large-sized treehouse that allows five people to live in it. All the credit goes to Bill Compher, the owner, and creator of this Cedar Creek Treehouse.

You get a bathroom, a dining table, and a kitchen. The lights are arranged at 100-feet high to ensure beautiful lighting shades. This hotel is safe, but you can’t bring a kid under 10-years old with you.

When it comes to pricing, this lighthouse charges $250 for two people. If you want additional people, you have to pay $25 for each. Click here to visit the website or contact 360-569-2991.

Northern Rail Train-car B&B

Do you love train traveling? This hotel would make you remember your train traveling days. The Northern Rail Train-car B&B Hotel is in Two Harbors, Minnesota. Having a look at its construction, it has 18 guest rooms. Moreover, its built-shape is of arranged rail cars that make it a unique hotel.

This hotel covers a large area of about 120 acres. From this unique hotel, you can have access to several outdoor activities. These include playing golf and hiking, etc. The view of Lake Superior and Gooseberry Falls is what would make your day a remarkable one.

When it comes to pricing, you have to pay around $109 to $139 for a dinette and a private bath.

Big Red Barn Getaway

The Big Red Barn Getaway was constructed in the 1890s. After covering some distance away from Seattle, and is situated at Puget Sound. This hotel is like a barn that would give you a pleasant time.

            If you want to enjoy natural beauty, this hotel is for you. This hotel holds its importance because you can view the historical Seaport of Townsend that is 10-minutes away. Moreover, you can visit Fort Worden State Park, which is right near to the hotel. There are several beaches and places for hiking lovers. For more information, click here to visit the website. You can also contact 360-301-1271.

Treebones Resort

The Treebones Resort is situated in Big Sur, California. If you haven’t slept in a Yurt, this hotel would make your first experience the best one.

This beautiful hotel is no less than 2000 years old. It was constructed by Mongolian Nomads and has the capacity for several people to spend their time. This resort has 16 yurts when riding over the Pacific Ocean. It is the best choice if you are traveling with your family. You’ll experience a wonderful ocean view from about $170 to $270 (2-4 members). For more information, visit the website or contact 877-424-4787.

Gamirasu Cave Hotel

If you want to take some rest in an underground hotel in Turkey, you’ll find several options in Cappadocia, which is in the middle of Turkey. The Gamirasu Cave Hotel is the best one among all. In this cave hotel, you get 18 beautiful rooms. But these are no ordinary rooms. Most of them are built of hard volcanic rocks to ensure safety. These are usually monk cells and are constructed in the cave.

You are served with running water, so don’t be afraid.

When it comes to pricing, you can pay $110 if you want to stay in the double room. And the cost of a deluxe suite is about $500. So, the choice is yours. Click here to visit the website.

Desert Cave Hotel

This hotel is located in the Sandstone of Coober Pedy in Australia. This hotel is a famous spot for several travelers because of numerous reasons. Let’s have a look at why it is a popular and unique place.

 The hotel has some part that is above the ground, and some of it is below the ground. The upper part has 30 rooms. Whereas you get 19 beautiful underground rooms. These rooms feature Aboriginal arts and mined opals to add uniqueness. Spending a single night here would cost you $150. Note that you should have some extra money to buy food for yourself. Click here to visit the website.

Daspark Hotel

The Daspark Hotel is located in Lintz, Austria. This hotel will let you enjoy sleeping in a drained pipeline. The hotel has three drainpipes.

The three drainpipes can handle a total of 12 people at a time. A single pipe has a room with a double bed, which allows two people to spend their time. There are toilets and bathrooms nearby, so don’t worry about anything. ]

The drainpipes are locked with a password because these are right in the middle of an open park. Also, it offers you to negotiate with them and set the rates mutually. Click here to contact them.

Jules Verne Undersea Lodge

Do you love fishes? What if someone offers you to spend a night with them safely? Yes, the Jules Verne Undersea Lodge is the perfect hotel for you guys. It is situated in Key Largo, Florida. Of course, several countries like China are looking forward to creating this type of hotel. But right now, it is the best option for all of you.

You get an experience of scuba diving as you have to scuba dive to reach your room in this underwater hotel. Don’t worry because the staff would train you for this.

When it comes to pricing, you’ll have to pay $475 for one night. For more information, visit the website. Or you can contact on 305-451-2353.

Liberty Hotel

The Liberty Hotel in Boston is the innovation of the old jail. It took over 5 years and an estimated amount of $150 million to turn it from jail into a luxury hotel. It has several unique features that seem to be appealing. For example, the name for the restaurant is “Clink,” and the name for the bar is “Alibi.”

If you want to spend your night in a prison-like hotel, you can go to Karosta Prison in Liepaja. The point to be noted is that this prison was the strongest prison of all time. Even the top criminals and thieves couldn’t escape from here.

You’ll be surprised to know that you can spend a whole night for just $16.

You, as a guest, will have an experience of a prisoner, and the guards would order you. Visit the website for more information.

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