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Who is Mac Dre?

On July 5, 1970, Andre Mac Dre came to this world. He was born in Oakland, but he spent most of his life tenure in Vallejo, California.

Mac Dre’s first album was released in 1989. The title of that album was “Young Black Brotha” this album was composed of 4 tracks. One of the four-track titled ‘Too Hard ForThe Fuckin Radio’ got the maximum audience attraction and was played in radio stations of California. Mac Dre released another album titled ‘California Livin’ in 1991, and after a year in 1992, he released his third album ‘What’s Goin On.’ His albums were superhit. He used to play music from cars to clubs all over California. Everybody was thinking that now MAC DRE is going to rock the world. But who thought that later MAC DRE was going to be arrested by Fresno police. The police believe that Mac Dre was behind some bank robberies. His friend’s call recoded was wired in which they were talking about the bank robbery. But despite being imprisoned for 5 long years, Mac Dre does not leave making albums. His fourth album titled ‘Back N Da Hood’ was recorded in jail using a phone. This album shows the dedication of Mac Dre to his work. He recorded another album named ‘Young Black Brotha’ in the jail. This album was composed of some of his recent songs and some new songs.

Mac Dyre came out of jail in 1995. He started working more passionately. The next two albums of him tiled as ‘The Rompilation’ and ‘Romp Records’ sold more than 60,000 copies to various countries of the world. Mac Dre, along with his homies, also appeared in eight tracks. Some of them are Mac Hall, JT the BiggaFigga, and the Da Unda Dog. After leaving jail, he started working like mad on albums and start releasing two albums a year. The first solo album after the jail was titled ‘ Stupid Doo Doo Dumb.’ And in the same year, he released ‘Don’t hate the player, hate the game.’ It also rocked! The next three years after his jail, he released eleven albums, and the most famous of them was ‘Thrilling Washington.’ He released an album ‘al boo boo’ in 2003 with a free DVD. The DVD was named “TrealTv.” This series became a fan-favorite series of Mac Dre. It has an interesting video about Dre’s life. It was a lovely gift for Dre’s fans.

If we question a fan which album of Mac Dre do you like? Then, he will confess that all the albums of Mac Dre are the best. It shows his dedication and passion for his work. His rap career was not good though, because he was never given commercial praise. But honestly, he deserved it and should be given the chance at least once. The three albums: ‘Genie of the Lamp,’ ‘Ronald Dregan:Dreganomics’ and ‘The Game is thick vol2’ were released in 2004. The albums of Mac Dre make North California Buzzing with thrill and enjoyment. They were all thinking that this man will be a game-changer in this industry. But who knows the decisions of fate? It was on November 1, 2004, when Mac Dre was crossing Highway 71 in Kansas City.  But it was his last drive. Someone killer him there, just after a concert in Kansas where people enjoyed the show, the shooting shocked everyone. Everybody knows that the Kansas City rape industry was getting fame and money due to Mac Dre. Then how can an unknown assailant of Kansas kill Mac Dre? The mother of Mac Dre was told that his son was dead due to an overdose of drugs. Therefore she could not believe that someone killed her beloved son. North California was shocked and sad after hearing this disappointing news. The grave of Mac Dre is in Mountain View Cemetary, Oakland, CA.

Mac Dre had a large number of fans in 2005. Some of his albums were still releasing in 2005. A collaboration of Mac Dre, Mac Mall, along with altering egos ‘Andre Macassi’ and ‘Mall Macenroe’ was released on 22nd March after his death. This album was titled ‘Da US Open.’ After that, ‘Money Iz Motive’ was released. Although, Mac Dre was just a part of this album made by the CutthroatCommittee. The ‘Treal Tv2’ DVD is soon going to be released. The album of Mac Dre ‘Thizz Entertainment’ has some pending songs which are not released yet. These songs are going to be released soon in the future. Mac Dre was a great aspiration and motivation of  North Californians. The fans of Mac Dre still consider him the best rapper from the Bay Area.

Andre “Mac Dre” Hicks (RIP)

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