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What Makes Nike Shoes Different From Other Brands?

Despite the challenges and changes around the world, Nike has stood strong among its competitors as one of the best sports brand. Nike brand has continuously maintained their  status on a worldwide scale.

Starting from 1971 when the brand came into existence, Nike has kept supplying its customers with durable shoes and hence its popularity as an important shoe brand.

When it comes to durable shoes, there’s no comparison between Nike and other brands. No matter where you are around the globe, you must have heard about the brand and possibly been obsessed with them. You can’t be an athlete or athletics lover and not be aware of Nike shoes.

You might be wondering, why is the Nike brand different from other sports shoe brands? What makes it better? Are they not same sports shoes? If you want to know how Nike brand is more better, then read on.

Branding of sports shoes

The method of branding utilized by the Nike brand is one of the main reasons why the brand is popular and different from other brands.

The “Just do it” slogan used by Nike took lots of time and money during its creation, it has gone far more than they had expected while creating the tagline.

There are lots of amazing facts surrounding Nike brand and how they branded their shoes to be very unique from others.

Also, the brand took time to select famous athletes as their ambassadors which helped them become more popular. Many famous athletes collaborated with Nike so as to acquire Nike’s perseverance. Due to the promotion and collaboration from top athletes, Nike gained popularity around the globe.

Quality of athletic shoes

Nike brand stole the hearts of many athletes with their top quality and durable shoes. The brand has promised to supply the customers with shoes made with quality materials.

Over the years, they’ve been keeping to their promise and giving their customers exactly what they want. Despite the fact that many shoe brands were using garments as one of the materials for their shoes, Nike adhered strictly to its leather policy and kept on using leather for their shoes.

Sticking to their leather material is one of the ways Nike has kept fulfilling their promise to their customers and kept producing good shoes.

Athletes comfort considerations

Every brand wants to create a product that should be comfortable for the customers. One of the fashion trends currently is comfort.

Considering the numerous comfortable yoga pants and stretch dresses available in the market, most women are now interested in dresses that makes them more comfortable.

Following the current trend, Nike has started its first store which concentrates on women and the very thing the seek for – Comfort. The brand has been following fashion trends and new styles so as to maintain their status as the #1 athletic shoe brand.

Nike has created lots of shoes with good and strong materials including comfort. Wearing Nike shoes feels so easy and you actually feel like they are part of your legs. The brand has put in lots of effort in producing quality shoes that are comfortable and lasts long. By producing more shoes than other sports brand, they have been able to get more customers and occupy a large portion in the marketplace.


There are so many reasons why Nike has been the top athletic shoe brand over the years. However, the main reason remains the brand’s loyalty to its customers.

Nike has been producing shoes for many years and they still remain the #1in sports shoe industry

When the brand started, they endorsed lots of popular athletes with billions of dollars and the results were good. So many people started purchasing from the brand since their favorite and popular athletes were using products from the brand.

Immediately they got much customers, they stole their hearts by being loyal and keeping the promises of the brand.

The brand kept providing the same good quality shoes hence so many people trusted the brand. Almost all their customers became loyal to the brand.

If you’ve been searching for the best Nike sports shoes available in the market, then it could be quite difficult considering the many good shoes produced by the brand.

Nevertheless, be confident in whichever type you go with, all the Nike sport shoes are made with top quality and durable materials that would meet your standards. Nike has built all their products with the good stuffs their brand is built on.

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