What is the Concept Behind Fantasy Cricket?

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India is a cricket mad country without any shadow of a doubt, it would be fair to say that the sport has elevated to the status of a religion. The game of cricket has transcended onto a global stage with millions of fans tuning in to catch a glimpse of their favoruite superstar. The virtual online cricket game has also burst onto the scene further elevating the experience of how fans are connecting with their beloved game.

All thanks to cheap internet data, the presence of multiple gaming platforms, and access to smartphones have seen the game of fantasy cricket reach greater heights. But the question remains, why do people play these games? What is the concept of fantasy cricket? And why does it remain to be popular over the years? 

Let Us Understand the Concept Behind Fantasy Cricket 

It is a virtual online cricket game, where the gamers have to field their own best X1 players from the two teams playing on the matchday. In doing so, they have to select the best possible picks for batters, bowlers, and all-rounders along with the captain’s selection. Once the team is submitted, the players selected on their team earn points based on the real match performances. The objective is simple, to collect the maximum number of points and reign supreme on the leaderboard. Let us touch upon some key pointers behind the concept of fantasy cricket

Best Place for Like-minded People

Fantasy cricket games are known to bring people together from all walks of life. Here you share a common interest, love, and passion that create a cheerful environment. Moreover, here you can put forth your cricketing opinion and ideas that stand out. No one judges you but pushes you in becoming a better player. This online game becomes a sort of home that each and everyone can call home. 

Debate Settler

Different opinions and arguments for the selection of player have been huge in cricket. Back in the day, you did not know the caliber or idea of one’s cricketing ideology and selection of the best. However, with fantasy cricket game now a reality, you can go up against your cricket rivals and put your cricket skills to the test. These fantasy games now settle the debate on which of the picks were wise and who needs to improve their game. 


Fantasy cricket games can at times be hard to crack owing to the competitive nature of the game. Here you get thousands of players fighting for the top prize in making the best team possible. If there is something that ignites a fire in the belly of fantasy cricket gamers is the fact they know that they are competing for the top prize against the best players. Making the use of cricket skills and knowledge one can always elevate their gaming skills and thus become and better fantasy player competing at the highest level. 


We talked about how the advancement in technology was a boon for fantasy cricket right but there’s more to it. Imagine you have thousands of player’s tunning in at the same time, building their unique teams, and participating in real-time, this is no mean feat. All of this is possible with the surge of fantasy cricket gaming apps, they are easy to use and navigate and moreover, this simplistic yet attractive design makes the whole process smooth. The real access is in terms of a device, you just need a smartphone. No need for an additional console, gaming titles, or heavy internet usage, all of this is made redundant by bundling these features in an app for a smartphone. 

Lucrative Rewards 

The first and foremost thing that attracts cricket lovers to play fantasy cricket games online is the prospect of earning real money. Get this, fantasy games and gambling are two different things, here you only play in games you wish to play and can choose to quit anytime you want. In fantasy cricket games, you can earn huge cash winnings in leaderboard tournaments, while you can also choose to make a set amount of money by participating in normal games. Here you are given a choice of games that you like to play and as said before, the game of fantasy cricket is for all. 

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