Vital reasons why you Should opt for Social Media Analytics

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Are you aware that there is a lot of information lying behind your social media activity? The interactions you generate, updates you share, the comments you reply to, and other social media-based activities all stockpile together to create useful information. And through this data, you can grow and boost your social media marketing in different ways. Below are the benefits associated with social media analytics.

Assist you Understand your Clients

Taking time to understand your clients through social media data can assist you in different ways. For instance, analyzing your previous updates can help you know the best time to market your products to your clients. Timing is a crucial factor when it comes to social media marketing. When you post your product when your followers are online and alert, your update will increase sales, traffic, and engagement. Hence, if you want to benefit more from social media, you should analyze your social data and know the best time to update your followers about your products.

And thanks to technology, you can quickly analyze your social data since some platforms come with built-in analytics. For instance, Facebook has a post section using competitive intelligence that shows you the times and days in when most of your followers are online. Thus, when you post during this time, your product reach will be high.

If you are one of those agencies that provide Social Media Marketing Services, then analytics can help you giving better insights to your clients.

Notifies you of your Best Social Networks

Unfortunately, not all social media platforms will function optimally for you. Just because Instagram has more than 1 billion users, and Facebook has more than 1.5 billion users does not imply that they will offer you the best outcomes. Some platforms such as Flickr and Pinterest might be small. However, they will accomplish your goal entirely using competitive intelligence. The ideal way to know which social media platform works best is by using analytics and experimentation to understand how much sales, traffic, and engagement you are getting.

You can use this data to focus on platforms that are working best for you and eradicate those that are not. You can also use the acquired information to line up the expanse of time you devote to each social media platform. Hence, you can use less time on the social networks that bring fewer results and spend more time with the top performing platforms.

Social Media Analytics Can Help You Generate Great Content

Tracking your social media accounts through competitive intelligence enables you to know the content that ushers in the best results. On social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, you will see whether videos, links, or images do better. And on visual-centric platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, you will be able to check what kind of image brings better results.

Hence, you can use social media analytics pages and competitive intelligence to know the type of content that brings best results. Some platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have built-in analytics that gives the user detailed information of the top-performing media platforms.

Enables you to Understand Your Rivals Better

Unfortunately, your rivals are also operating social media strategies and creating content to attract their clients. This enables them to come up with their unique information and data. And if you figure out and analyze their data, you will have a good idea of what is working and what is not.

This will give you the authority to focus on techniques that usher in good results while preventing mistakes that they are making. If you want to know the social media platforms that are working best for your rivals, you can use the Similar Web. After learning your competitors’ top-performing web, you can use Buzzsumo or Cyfe to spy on their platforms. From the list above, you can see that there are numerous benefits associated with social media analytics. Social media analytics can help boost your presence on both long term and short time basis. However, if you want to attain good results, make sure that you are using the ideal tools to track your analytics.


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