Types of Safety Shoes to Consider at Workplace

March 8, 2022 by No Comments

Safety shoes, also known as safety boots, are special boots designed to protect against foot-related injuries, especially in workplaces that can be dangerous. Safety shoes can protect your feet from extreme weather, burns, fatigue, slips, trips, electrical hazards, falling and flying objects, cutting risks, and many others. Safety shoes are unique in the footwear industry since these types of shoes have many features like penetration resistance, anti-static, energy absorbing, cold or heat-insulated, outsole resistance to prevent the feet from hot contact, and water-resistant.

There are many occupations right now worldwide, and almost all of them have their risks, hence the need for safety shoes. Safety shoes have been used widely over the ages, and they even date back to 2000 years ago, when the first safety shoes were wooden clogs. Over the years, there have been improvements in safety shoes, and they have been made more comfortable, durable, and stylish. Different types of shoes have other features that they have specialized in and their design to help prevent various injuries that can occur in the workplace, and these are some of the different types.

Steel Toed shoe

Among all the Safety shoes in Kenya, this is the most common type since they do for most jobs. What differentiates it from the other kinds of safety shoes is the metal caps covering the front of the shoe. This shoe mainly protects the toes from falling objects because of the metal cap. They are also comfortable, affordable, and durable.

Metatarsal shoe

This shoe design protects the metatarsals, the five long bones found in each foot. They are like steel-toed shoes, but instead of covering only the toe, they protect your entire toe from falling objects or drop hazards, impact, and compression injuries. The design is impact-resistant plastics that cover the metatarsal bones. Compared to the other safety boots, the metatarsal safety shoes provide more protection since they provide more security to your toe, making them more expensive than the other shoes.

Electrical Hazard Safety shoes

These types of boots design are specially for people who work in electricity-related places. These boots’ plan is to protect you from electric shock and electrocution. The entire surface of the shoes has non-conductive materials, preventing electrical charges from passing through the body. However, these types of shoes are not for wet conditions.

Steel Insole shoes

These shoes are the most commonly used types of shoes used for people working in industries, employed to ride bikes and drive heavy trucks. This shoe design is unique to protect against joint and bone problems. They are like foam insoles but are exceptional in stabilization and support. These shoes are very comfortable, and you can move about with them with ease.

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This article shows the different types of safety shoes, their features and specifications, and where they are best suited. Considering the other working conditions, one should wisely choose thesafety shoes that can best suit. One can do more research on the different kinds of safety shoes. There are also advancing technological advances leading to even better safety shoe designs. For more, check Safety boots Nairobi.

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