The Startling Comeback of Dad Hats That Are Now the In-thing in Fashion

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Versatility is one of the main characteristics of hats behind its popularity, as exemplified by Dad hats which are now a part of any streetwear ensemble. From Rihanna to Obama, everyone showed their love for Dad hats that are now miles ahead in popularity than the traditional leather top hat. Thanks to the patronage that Dad caps received from the celebrities that helped it bounce back and hold the center stage of fashion once again. The unisex cap has undergone a considerable upgrade to grab the headlines again alongside the baseball caps with which it shares a lot of similarities. Dad hats are getting a big boost from big brands embracing Dad caps as promotional and gift items that aid highly affordable but high-impact marketing campaigns. Dad hats with an embroidered brand or company logos are a common sight today because they are now indispensable for marketing.

The name of Dad hats might seem like a misnomer because although the hat has the typical features of baseball caps, people still prefer to call it a hat and not a cap.  Dad hats are 6-panel baseball caps, traditionally a favorite headgear for Dads who have worn them for many years. Now that it makes a re-appearance in the fashion circles, it still carries the old name laced with happy memories of an aging population.

The re-emergence of dad hats

So, what could be the reason for a long-forgotten hat staging a comeback and carving a place of its own among fashion lovers? Most importantly, the impact of the comeback is that those who were ardent fans of snapbacks and flat brim hats are now flocking towards Dad hats that have become a new rage among those who want to experiment with fashion to stay trendy. Dad hats give more opportunities for expressing yourself while making a fashion statement that is more impressive than what you can achieve with snapbacks and flat brims.

The 1970s witnessed the comeback of Dad hats as baseball players started showing renewed interest in the hats and wore them during the matches.  Although baseball caps were still the first choice for most baseball players, the middle-aged sportsmen fell back for the large Dad hats that ensure a comfortable and relaxed fit.

Meanwhile, the popularity of Dad hats surged as rappers started wearing them. Surprisingly, the dad hats seemed perfect for their dresses, baggy pants, and funky looks created with earrings and tattoos. The popularity kept swaying through the coming years, fading at times and regaining the focus in 2016 as the Hollywood celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Kayne West and Beyonce Knowles started flaunting the headgear during most public appearances.

How are Dad hats different from baseball caps?

Although Dad hats belong to the group of baseball caps yet the hats are not the same as the caps because of the constructional features that look similar, but on a closer inspection, the differences become prominent. The construction of the crown makes all the difference. The crown of a baseball cap consists of 6 panels sewn together to the pair of front panels that are stiff enough to retain the shape of the cap when not in use. On the other hand, Dad hats have unstructured crowns that are soft and flexible with a slight oversize that ensures a comfortable fit. Dad hats’ softness and flexible structure create a lazy, laid-back style that seems to justify the name.

The purposes are different too

Baseball caps Baseball caps are part of the player’s uniform or jersey, and wearing the cap is a must to participate in the games. The baseball caps have a tighter fit so that these stay in place by withstanding the forces of the physical activities of players during the game except for an odd occasion when the cap might pop out. The stiff brim of baseball caps provides shade to the face and aids good vision by directly preventing the light from hitting the eyes. However, wearing baseball caps is now a fashion, and it is an accepted headgear for streetwear and casual dressing.

Dad hats Dad hats are an out-and-out casual headgear that provides some sun protection and part of any casual attire that seems most appropriate to create the laid-back and relaxed looks usually seen in older people. However, you cannot use Dad hats for playing baseball, whereas you can wear baseball caps for fashion.  Typically, the brim or bill of Dad hats has a slight curve that might or might not be present in baseball caps.

Dad hats are unique and completely different from other hats and caps because there is less emphasis on the fit and more focus on comfort. It does not matter if Dad hats sit a bit loosely on the head because the comfort of wearing the hat is much more important for the wearer than the fit.

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