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The Dax Foundation: Cherish every Moment

Story of Dax

The story starts from the exiting birth of Dax Ryan Locke, born to Julie Locke on the 26th of June, 2007. Julie Locke belonged to Washington Illinois where she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Dax Ryan Locke. By the age of six months, Dax fell ill due to constant chills, fever, and ear infections. Being a loving mother, Julie was too worried about his son and wanted better health. Different physicians diagnosed him with viral disease and made sure that he would recover soon. By the age of 1 year, doctors suggested admitting him to the hospital due to ear and eye infections.

The physicians mislead his disease and start feeding him fluids to rehydrate his body. Later on, Julie visited three hospitals, known as Memphis, Tennessee, and St. Jude Children hospital for a proper checkup and accurate diagnosis of the disease, so he can be treated well. Doctors finally found the reason for the illness. They predicted that Dax was ill due to leukemia (white blood cell cancer). It was shocking and heart-touching news for Julie, but she did not lose hope and made her strong enough to battle the disease of her son, Dax. 

Leukemia, a cancer of white blood cells, was commonly found in individuals having more than 65 years at that time. Dax, as an infant, was diagnosed with this vulnerable disease. The doctor started his chemotherapy session periodically. But, St. Jude and his expert team found that tumor cells were increasing in his body day by day. They did not lose hope for Dax even after the failed chemotherapy treatment. They supposed the Dax’s body for transplantation of stem cells in his body that could increase the growth of normal cells. 

Dax’s mother, Julie Locke donated her stem cells for transplantation for the recovery of his beloved soon at St. Jude children’s research hospital. It was a turning point, giving hope for the life of lovely Dax. The battle of a cancerous and normal cell in the body becomes harder. St. Jude thought that one more transplantation can work better, but Dax’s small body could not bear it. Her mother wanted to take him home and doctors discharged him in the last 15 days of October for “Cherish Every Moment”. The doctors and nurses predicted that he could hardly enjoy the last Christmas of his life. Julie Locke wanted to make that Christmas, a memorable event of her life with Dax. 

Julie decided to put beautiful lights on the house and the Christmas tree. Dax liked it more. All in his neighborhood know about his disease and prayed for him in church. CNN, a news channel, was giving a place to the little Dax on top of their headlines. 

Millions of people had tears in their eyes after listening to his grief story. After this breaking news, all Christian community decorated their homes and streets with lights to make Dax happy. Dax managed to live for the Christmas event. The physicians declared his clinical death on the 30th of December, 2009.

After Dax, her enthusiast mother, Julie decided to run an awareness campaign of childhood cancer disorder and its treatment. St. Jude and his team participated equally with Julie and decided to start an organization named “The Dax Foundation”. The foundation aimed to collect $1.7 million for St. Jude research hospital for the treatment of cancer, in name of Dax. She participated in many fundraising events and parties where she can explain the vision of the foundation. Many celebrities like Matthew, a singer, came across Dax’s painful story. He added his share by singing a song with the title “One last Christmas” and millions of his followers listened to the song. Matthew decided to donate all earnings of this song to the Dax Foundation.

From this song, a producer took inspiration to produce a movie with the title “One last Christmas”. He pictured the movie on the scenario of the last few days from his life at Christmas when thousands of his silent lovers lighted up their homes for him. The movie was released on the 4th of December, 2011, on the GMC channel. The movie remained successful in winning the hearts of millions of viewers. The awareness message that Julie wanted to give people spread to each part of the world. The millions of dollars were collected for raising “The Dax Foundation”. 

The DAX Foundation’s Objectives:

Sponsor the children of camp “HOPE”: 

The Dax Foundation arranged a summer camp of seven days for children ranging in age from 5-17. All of those were diagnosed with cancer or blood-related diseases. The Dax foundation managed to send 150 doctors and their teams to camp “Hope”. The children participated in the games or other non-curricular activities under the recommendations of expert team members

Create a community for St. Jude families:

The Dax foundation arranged an event for “DAX WING” and collected funds of $1 million at New Ronald McDonald hospital. The wing gave their best for cancer-diagnosed children who visited the hospital. A separate ward was used to admit the cancer patients. That provided them free treatment to overcome the disease.

Spread hope with “HOPE WEEK”:

The foundation team decided to launch awareness programs in schools and educational institutes, crossing “hope” all over the country. The aim was to aware the children as well as their parents for early diagnosis and treatment of cancer. 

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