Social media and our mental health

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The first thing you do after waking up is checking your Instagram page; you would like to know how many followers you gained, the comments you got, the hearts gained. 

Scrolling through Facebook is just as important, never mind if you are sitting in a class or the conference room. The compulsive need to document and put everything on Snapchat, sham it may be, is very important too.

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Then, comes the matter of knowing what others are up to. The constant comparison of their lives with yours; whether it be life events, vanity or well, something as banal as followers, the ways to compare yourself to others are numerous. People also get the modern hate mail inform of rude, insolent and insensitive comments.

This alternate reality of social media is not innocuous; it has a deep and grave impact on your mental health. Social media addiction is also a real phenomenon, for which people then have to seek help from the Best Psychiatrist in Lahore

However, it is not just the addiction to be vary of. There are other ways that social media is gravely impacting your mental health:

Makes you less grateful 

Our social media avatars are not real, and the lives presented are carefully curated. However, our rational mind does not always realize it. Therefore, it is common that feelings of jealousy ensue, when you see others living their life, whereas your brain manages to conjure every shortcoming of yours. 

Consequently, you become ungrateful for your life, and fixate on the lackings. Ingratitude not only leads to discontentment, but it also makes you less empathetic and more aggressive. 

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Makes you sad

It is easier for some people to be happy for others and their achievement. However, that response is not always the case. For example, when you see pictures of the party you were not invited too, your peers having fun, it will naturally raise a pang in your heart. 

Similarly, when we see others in a state of rapture, we might be triggered to feel less worthy, and ergo, sad. 

On the other hand, if you do not use social media, you are unaware of all these events and happenings that may be making you envious and sad. 

Promotes the feeling of isolation 

It is ironic really, that social media makes you feel more isolated. According to a study quoted by Forbes, young adults who used social media more often were more likely to feel isolated. 

This feeling of being alone wreaks havoc on not just your mental health, but also your physical health.

Vicious cycle 

The hallmark of vicious cycle is that it is a perpetual event that you cannot get out of. And that is precisely what happens in case of social media. Even though it does not help you, you keep turning to social media. Every time you turn to these social media sites, you believe that you will get better. Newsflash, you don’t!


Social media is not a responsible place. Even with improved algorithms that allow you to report abuse, sensitive information manages to spread like the wildfire. Breach of privacy is therefore very easy on the social media.

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Similarly, online harassment, common on social media, is also detrimental to the mental health. It leads to stress and anxiety. In some cases, the impact can be serious enough to make people question their life even. 

Thus, it is imperative that you moderate your use of social media. If your mental health is suffering on account of social media, it is suggested that you seek help from the Best Psychiatrist in Karachi rather than jeopardizing your health.

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