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Restaurant Review: Deseo Bistro, Winnipeg

Deseo Bistro is a Latin Influenced bistro that has serves you unique food choices. You’ll experience professionally cooked food having a mouth-watering smell and flavor. There is almost every flavor of food that you want to try in your life.

Deseo has talented chefs having experience in cooking delicious Winnipeg’s food. These foods are what you can’t resist and would force you to lick and bite your fingers. You can enjoy roasted bone marrow and caramelized pork belly that have an unforgettable taste. It was because of its delicious foods which made it the best restaurant of Ciao magazine in the year 2011.

You can have access to all the elements that are served on small plates. The Chef and Co-owner “Scott Bagshaw” monitors that everything prepared and served is of superior quality. You enjoy a variety of delicious food including smoked paprika, crispy duck breast, delicious chickpea caxuella, and more!

Deseo is a Spanish word that means “Desire.”

This restaurant had its original district in Royal Albert Arms. But this exchange district closed due to a water break. It was a huge loss for the owner and the concerned authorities.

But, Deseo bared this loss and started their new journey in South Osborne. Things are now back to normal again. Spanish lovers who want to enjoy delicious meals.

Having a look at its new building, it has an 81-seat double-story building that gives an elegant look to this restaurant. Its walls are featured with a tree trunk that adds a fascinating touch to its overall look. There are bright filament bulbs that create a luminous illumination in the dark. The bricks are not cemented and are decorated with white linens.

The dining room gives you peace of mind when sitting with your family. There are Urban Servers to answer your questions related to the food menu. They are pretty enthusiastic about the food that is prepared in Deseo.

When your order a garbanzo, they’ll serve it with a spicy mayo cool salsa verde. This combination would make you enjoy your stay in the restaurant. You can also order black or white beans with the same combination. Their taste is just unforgettable!

The fingerling potato chips also have a unique taste in Deseo. They are called Potatoes Bravas. These are basically potato chips but are duck-fat infused that gives them a mouth-watering flavor.

If you are a non-vegetarian, you should try boneless duck breast. It is a crispy dish having a delicious taste. You are served with savory meat slices that you can eat with relish.

Ordering the Brussel sprouts could also be a good choice. They’ll serve it with bits of caramelized bacon. It is a most demanding dish of Deseo.    

Mac and Cheese are served with the touch of smoked paprika and chopped pieces of spicy chorizo. The professionals prepare this spicy dish in the oven and are covered with piquant manchego.

Deseo is also famous for its chili & chocolate cake. It is the perfect sweet dish that you should try after enjoying spicy food. This cake has a unique taste and you can’t stop yourself from eating several bites.

About the chef

Scott Bagshaw is the chef and co-owner of Deseo Bistro. He was born in Montreal but spent his early life in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He completed his BA degree from the University of Winnipeg. This person has visited almost every part of the European countries. After that, he migrated towards Australia, more likely a suspected person. He succeeded to gain a degree of Masters in education at the University of Wollongong. He acquired teaching as a profession at a high school, after that he left for his passion for cooking. He joined the Vietnamese Restaurant by the monsoon, as the master chef of its Kitchen. 

He was inspired by the chef role in the kitchen of a famous restaurant. Due to his long-term training and experience, he was selected as head of the kitchen. On his arm, there was a tattoo of “chef for life.”

Scott was supposed to go back to Winnipeg and he joined the best kitchens there where he could polish his skills. He got the rank of a master chef at “Sydney’s at the forks,” where he competed with Susur lee. 

At that time, the role of Scott as master chef became controversial at Gusto. He gave an interview to Anthony Bourdin about the journey of his life, from student life to master chef. 

Scott was passionate about cooking. So, he joined hands with Alejandro Mora who contributed with Scott to establish Desero Bistro restaurant in 2010. Its original district was the Royal Albert Arms Hotel. But due to some reasons, it was closed. After eight months, it was reopened in South Osborne and is currently working here.

2012 emerged as the most fortunate year for Deseo because, in this year, Deseo became one of the best new restaurants in Winnipeg. Scott made a poor judgment and invoked an old SNL joke as a critic in the previous year. The year 2011 made it one of the best restaurants in Canada. Having a look at Vacay’s Top 50 Restaurants Ranking of 2013, Deseo Bistro managed to achieve the 38th spot. It was an owner for the restaurant because it was the only Manitoban restaurant on the entire list.

Scott has a fabulous history as a chef. He has expertise in a variety of kitchen cooking techniques. He is aware of the cooking styles of Asian, Italian, etc which he learned during his French Training. Scott loves cooking and aims to serve his customers delicious and high-quality meals. You should try the taste of his hands!


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