Quintrex 590 Cruiseabout Great Boat For Brisbane Families

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Belonging to the Quintrex Bowrider range, Quintrex 590 is meant for a luxurious fishing experience. If you are looking for a spacious boat with a sporty look, then Quintrex 590 can be a wonderful choice. It gives a hassle-free and smooth sail. This model is quite popular among the families of Brisbane. It comes with the signature flared shape, providing stability to the boat. It’s a perfect boat to chill with your family or a fishing experience with your family. It is spacious and modern.

Go fishing with your family, on the stylish and comfortable Quintrex 590 Cruiseboat!! 

Features Of Quintrex 590 Cruiseabout

  • 6.1 m long with 2.3 m beam.
  • Speed upto 150hp
  • Has a 110l fuel tank
  • Can bear upto 8 people
  • Weighs 724 kg and 225 kg motor weight
  • Front of the boat comes wraparound lounge with comfortable pillows
  • Inclined help seats
  • Rear folding lounge to chill with friends or enjoy with family and kids
  • Blade hull and flared bow gives a smooth and plain sail
  • Timber flooring 
  • Deep storage in cockpit
  • Comes with 3-year Quintrex Guarantee
  • Quintrex braked alloy tandem axle trailer included
  • Has utilities like a glove box, pole mount insert, two rod holders, cleat on front deck, an anchorwell, cup holders and a rear ladder. 
  • A cockpit with moulded side panels
  • Comes with windscreen and rails
  • Hydraulic steering makes using boat easier
  • Side decks & fully weld gunnels
  • Stylish and spacious  

Why Do Brisbane Families Love Quintrex 590 Cruiseabout?

If you want a boat which is luxurious with ample space for your kids or hanging out with your friends, then Quintrex 590 Cruiseabout can be your partner. For a family vacation or fishing, it has all the features. Therefore, all the families of Brisbane love  590 Cruiseabout. It’s spacious, comfortable and gives a hassle-free ride. With a wraparound lounge which is perfect for relaxing with terrific views of the water, it’s a perfect boat for a good time. 

Quintrex 590 Cruiseabout is sporty and luxurious with timber flooring. It has ample space for the movement of kids. It is certain to deliver an effortless sail. Going fishing with the entire family in comfort can be easily achieved by this boat. Hydraulic steering makes it simple to operate the boat. 


So, if you are looking for a family-friendly boat, gor for Quintrex 590 Cruiseboat. It’s stylish, user-friendly and perfect for a fishing adventure with you and your family. It has ample space and offers a power of 115hp. Due to the flared bow design and Blade hull technology, this boat will give you a stable and safe journey. With the presence of a rear  folding lounge, you can enjoy it with your family.  

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