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Nike taps the comfort trend with the launch of Go FlyEase, a no-lace slip-on sneaker

Top features

  • Nike is releasing lace-free, slip-on sneakers with the aim of comfort and durability for their regular customers. Nike maintains its trend. The manufacturers want to maintain a graph of popularity among customers, as APL, Crocs, and Vans do during the pandemic of COVID-19.
  • There is no special need of advertising a new product, named “Go FlyEase” as its high sale is expected in all markets.
  • The brand Nike gives an inspired statement about the Asian culture. There is a tradition of taking off shoes before entering the home. 
  • The sneakers will be in access of customers on the 15th of February. Their average pricing ranges from $120 to $125.

Let’s cover these features in details:

Nike is going to introduce a new article of lace-free, slip-on sneakers, with aim of comfort and durability for their regular customers. They want to maintain a graph of popularity among customers as APL, Crocs, and Vans do during the pandemic of COVID-19.

The Go FlyEase will hit the walls of the market more than expected. There is no special need of advertising a new product, named “Go FlyEase”. This brand is always expected to enjoy the highest sales in the market.

The company is taking inspiration from civilized Asian culture, as all of the family members of a house take off their shoes on a mattress before the door. There is another comment about the Asian community, as they avoid touching the dirty sole of shoes.

These shoes are designed by keeping the Pandemic situation of COVID-19 in view. The Manager of FlyEase’s trendy collection, Sarah Reinertsen stated about the project in an interview. He mentioned it as the innovation that had been prepared in the company’s innovative kitchen for a few months. But it is launched at the best time to hit the walls of the market.

Go FlyEase is one article from the Nike FlyEase collection, which comprises of soccer, basketball, and running sneakers. This collection is famous in the market due to its high durability. Nike has a plan to launch this collection for the last five years. The main theme is to grab the customers with a new feature of zip up and pull cord at the back of the shoes, which helps in tightening of shoes around the heels.

Sarah Reinertsen justifies their lace-free Go FlyEase article with a statement: The trend of laces is going now; we have to do something new that can grab the attention of customers. The thing that can hit the consumers is the shoe pair that can avoid them from the hassle of tying up laces. We give the priority to comforts of customers.

It’s not just a pair of shoes as the rubber Crocs were, but more for their regular consumers. They know this brand takes care of their all needs and addresses all the issues related to footwear. Nike’s trend is amazing and worth using, as their article Slip-on shoes are. The unique feature of the Go FlyEase is that you can detach its footbed platform when these are not worn.

 There is nothing comfier to wear the shoes without tying up their laces before leaving the home. The slip-on shoes can cause the problem of tightening around the feet.

The unique feature of the article is its “kickstand.” It is present on the heel to take off shoes. Sarah shared the fact with their customers that some people use a step on the back to take off their shoes.

Sarah shared a unique feature of their shoe article as it can be used for casual wearing and in sports events. It is designed to wear in daily routine jogging and running. This feature makes them popular not among the players but in general consumers.

Nike is releasing market-hitting products of new sneakers on the 15th of February at all of their outlets. Its cost is $120. The company expects high sales of this article all over the world.

Nike offers free membership to their regular customers so they can purchase their coming collection with special discount prices. They also amuse their customers with free gym and workout classes. Nike gathered reviews of their customer to improve their collections of the future.

Easy footstep for consumers is the major priority of Nike. Many workers spend their whole day out and want to avoid tiredness. Nike helps its customers to enjoy their casual walks during the day.

Either you are a worker or an athlete, you want easy steps without any tiredness. The Nike comfy shoes will help to enjoy the game or work with durability and long-lasting effect.

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