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Laure Agneray: Confidence and waking dreams

Laure Agneray, a well-known name for photography and graphic designing, groomed her passion for snap shooting into professional photography in 2014. Her first publication on the photography consists of a childhood-themed photo-shoot, by taking her kids as models. 

“Selection of an ideal theme for your photo album is real trouble shoot, but the good selection can make your place in profession of photography” 

Laure started her career photography due to her passion for shooting amazing photos. It helped her to experience the nature which surrounds her. Being a female, her mood swings help to move her camera from nature to hassles of traffic, implementing a variety in her shoots. “I want to capture the real emotions either from faces of models or from the waves of nature. This gives real colors to my photo albums. I avoid to waste my camera reel on shooting a useless and nothing less photographs.”

Her first publication on photography, named as “Confiance et Reves Eveilles”Make a real-life experience of enjoying a good book of photography.

The book “Confiance et Reves Eveilles”. 

By 2003, when she became a mother for the first time, she wants to capture every moment of her baby through the camera. Being a mother she wants to ensure the protection and shower her love for her kid. But photography is the real part of her passion and she wants to give time to photo shooting. Then she decided to capture the real emotions of happiness and childhood of her kid. The idea of exploring her passion for photography in the natural landscape along with her kid become successful. 

Her first album of photography consists of real snaps of her kid. That made it popular among children lovers. This great album put the reader into a new innocent world of kind and love that become her specialty by the time. 

The idea of shooting her kid as a model was fabulous. That saved her precious time and effort on fake models. 

The photo albums consist of black & white, classic and charming photos. That intermingled with real emotions, love, and innocence. For expecting couples, these photographs become fascinating, attractive, and charming due to the innocent, loving, and dreaming movements of a child. And more about her professionalism in photography, which made her able to capture real-life moments through the lens.

The photos are arranged in a precise manner, giving step-by-step excitement to viewers, somehow captured them to enjoy all snaps along with the tips of passionate photography. Both sides of the page comprise photographs, either as portrait or landscape. The reader can share his outclass experience of reading about her photography book.

The book consists of 144 pages of standardized quality that grabs the reader and takes you back as a parent to your kid’s childhood and its lovely moments. Because Laure captured the memorable moments of her kid’s life, like taking the first footstep, smiling, weeping, kidding, and innocent playing. 

Being a reader and lover of ideal photography, I enjoyed her first book on photography. 

That took me back to the memories of my kid. And I knew the importance of these moments in the life of a mother. I felt each photograph by my heart, making to close my eyes and felling them. 

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