How to Start Exercising if You’re Lazy: Hacks for Amateurs

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Are you forced to sit in front of your computer all day? In the evening, you feel tired, lack of energy, no desire to do something? Then let’s find out about the consequences of lack of physical activity in life, as well as how to start exercising from scratch.

Why It’s Important to Exercise Through Laziness

When it comes time to change intention to action, many of us sin by coming up with a thousand reasons to put things off: there are promising bets at Bet22, too much work, or you have an essential Zoom call. Let’s face facts:

  • A passive lifestyle is the cause of many serious illnesses.
  • Feeling good now? That doesn’t mean your body is fine. It’s useless to start exercising when you’re sick because sports are a prevention, not a cure.
  • A passive lifestyle inevitably leads to obesity.
  • Exercise hardens and strengthens the cardiovascular system, normalizes blood pressure.
  • Lack of physical activity leads to hormonal imbalances, especially if accompanied by sleep disorders, poor nutrition and bad habits.
  • People with a sedentary lifestyle have low immunity, chronic diseases, and are more prone to various injuries.
  • Physically active people are more socially active, have a wide social circle, are more successful in realization of career, creative and personal ambitions.

This list could go on, but there are already enough reasons to understand that sport isn’t for the select few, it’s a necessity of life. But remember, we are talking about amateur, not professional sports!

Where to Start and What to Consider

Before you go to all lengths, assess your physical condition – consult a doctor, basic tests, examination by a surgeon, a neurologist.

You should start your journey into the world of physical activity with a coach. A trainer will choose a set of exercises considering all your health peculiarities, teach you the right technique, and monitor your progress.

How to Start and Not Quit

And here we get to the most important question – how to start and not quit?

The fact is that all of us give up when we have barely begun sports for one and the same reason – we initially approach the process incorrectly:

  • We choose the wrong sport.
  • We rely on false motivation.
  • We set unrealistic goals.
  • Expecting a quick result.
  • Underestimating the importance of the process.

So that your decision to start exercising doesn’t remain just beautiful words, remember the simple rules:

  • Pay for a gym membership, services of a coach, pay for yoga, dance or fitness training. The money you spend will make you go to class.
  • Plan. Learn to organize your life. Don’t run to workout every day – it won’t make your results better. It’s enough to work out 2-3 times a week.
  • Record your results. Take a profile and full-face photo before you start exercising, take measurements, and get on the scale. Record the result, and then repeat it once a week, once a month.
  • Set realistic goals. Don’t deceive yourself, it’s impossible to lose weight in a month, if you accumulated weight for years, you can not get to pump up huge muscles for six months. Your goals must be real, feasible and measurable.
  • Reward yourself for achieving your goals, this is also an important part of motivation.

Sports for Beginners

Folk Aerobics

A fitness program based on energetic folk dancing. This sport will suit extrovert, open-minded and outgoing people who like to spend time in company and explore new cultures.


A dance fitness program based on popular Latin American rhythms. Zumba is the choice of those who are bored with monotonous classes at the gym. Here you will dance, have fun, and rock out to upbeat music.

Aqua Aerobics

Physical exercises in the water to rhythmic music. Water aerobics is suitable for sedentary people, people with a lot of weight and sore joints.

Nordic Walking

Walking with special sticks that allow you to properly distribute the load and avoid injuries of feet and knees. This sport is intended for elderly people, with serious health limitations, and those who enjoy walking.

EMS Training

Fitness that involves the use of a weak current for additional muscle stimulation. A sport for the lazy, for those who are lazy to exercise but want quick results.


Cycling strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, burns extra calories, strengthens muscles and increases endurance. You don’t have to race, just ride for fun on a regular basis.

What Sport Is Unlikely to Suit You

Group Fitness Programs

In such workouts, you will have to maintain an intense pace, to keep up with the trainer. Your individual abilities will not be taken into account.

Martial Arts

Such workouts aren’t suitable for everyone. Martial arts looks cool only on the screen of TV, in real life, it’s pain, injury, hard physical activity, training not only the body at the limit but also character and willpower.

Professional Sports

So far we have talked about amateur sports that aim to improve health, increase endurance, flexibility, and maintain a good physical shape. Professional sport is, unfortunately, not always about health.

Strength Workouts

Strength training in combination with cardio is a great balance for keeping fit. But there is one important limitation: strength exercises should be performed correctly in technical terms, and preferably under the supervision of a coach. There is a high probability of injury.

Extreme Sports

Such sports require good training, they always involve a serious risk to life.

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