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Fun Facts about Nike

Today, we are going to share some exciting and fun facts about Nike. 

We’ll cover how it became an important part of sports history.

1. There was a memory of Lebron James at the age of 18, who rejected the sponsorship from Reebook, whose cost was 10 million dollars. He expressed his feeling of likeness about Adidas or Nike during an interview. Later on, Nike offered him sponsorship, worth 90 million dollars. He accepted their offer.

2. Nike decided to give the name of “Aztec” to their first shoe article. They faced opposition from Adidas, as their collection contains the shoes named “Aztec Gold.” They revived their decision and introduced their first shoe article with the name “Cortez.” Later on, it achieved the height on the graph of popularity as compared to the Aztec Gold.

3. Sergei Bubka was a short heightened player who earned fame due to his world record-breaking. Nike sponsored him in a way that at every record break, he would take a cash bonus from them. In a short time, he achieved this by breaking his record 14 times.

4. In 1994, Hakeem Olajuwon launched a new sneaker article, whose cost was $35 at that time. He said that shoes from Nike or Reebook were too expensive to buy for a poor working lady.

5. In 1998, there is some interesting fact from the statement of a Kenyan Tribesman, which was a misunderstanding. Nike presumed to adopt his words “Just do it” as a slogan, but the reality was quite different. According to American Anthropologist Lee Cronk, Kenyan denied taking shoes from Nike, as he wanted shoes of large size.

6. Michael Jordan used to wear the Air Jordan article during his every game, which was banned by NBA league policy. He was fined due to violation, about $5000 in each game. The calculation revealed the $90 million as a fine on the player. That was an expensive amount charged on him rather than any Nike-sponsored athlete.

7. Nike sponsored athlete and Bam Margera did not like skate shoes of their brand during skating. He denied using their skate article and canceled sponsorship. He used other shoes to show better performance in skating.

8. All-star sneaker was a shoe brand launched by Chuck Tylor in the USA. In 2011, they declared bankruptcy. In 2003, Nike came back to the market and transferred their manufacturing to Asia.

9. Nike designed their famous slogan of $35 worth in 1970. Later on, Paul Knight gifted his diamond ring along with a blank cheque to say thanks to Nike Company.

10. On St Patrick’s Day, Nike launched their shoe article with the name “Black and Tans.” Nike did not know the history behind the word “Black and Tans” as it was a British paramilitary group involved in terrorism in Ireland by the year 1920.

11. By the year 2012, fluorescent running shoes became popular among the 400 Olympic players. Nike was not allowed to commercialize their shoes during a sports event. They used the trick of yellow fluorescent in their shoes for attraction.

12. Nike designed 38,000 pairs of shoes in 1998, with the logo of “Air” that resembles Allah. Their decision to donate these shoes to the Muslim community has become controversial. 

13. Nike lost a shipping container in the ocean; containing about 60,000 shoes in 1990. After some time, these shoes landed on different beeches that helped the oceanographer measure currents from the Pacific Ocean. 

14. In 1997, Nike again pressurized to stop the launching of the “Decade” series of shoes. That was in response to an incident committing suicide by a large group wearing the same “decade” shoes.

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