Career counselling for college graduates

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As a child, we all would have had a dream to study hard, get a good job, buy a house and settle. If you are a desi Indian, then more than you, your parents would have wanted the best things for you. They would have put you in the finest school in the city, sent you to the top college with excellent academic outcomes and dreamed that you would settle for the best job. Though IIT and IIM are dream houses for many, everyone does not get to study there. If parents had understood this fact, they wouldn’t pressurise you. 

Scenario 1:

Keeping the IITs aside, imagine yourself in a similar scenario. You have studied hard in your school days, joined a reputed college for your degree, and graduated with a decent score. But you didn’t get a job. In your college campus interview, you didn’t get selected by any company. How will you react to this? Do you think it is because of your college? Do you feel it is because of your insecurity? Do you blame your parents for putting you in this college and course without discussing your career option with you? Do you feel like quitting? It depends. The above questions are only a sprinkle of salt, whereas a person going through the situation has hundreds of interrogations. What will you do?

What do you need from scenario 1: 

In a situation like this, you need professional help. First, you need to understand that this is normal, and there’s nothing wrong with seeking help from an expert. Second, you should accept the circumstances you are going through and interpret them to know the reasons. Though the experts will help you understand and analyse the occurring, you should have clarity regarding what you are missing and what you want. You should ponder and learn more about yourself. It is more of self-realisation and self-discovery.

What do you mean by professional help?

Do not jump to conclusions after hearing, “You need professional help.” People often confuse professional help and counselling related to psychology and psychiatrists and mistake the sessions for some induction on mental health awareness. People neither value their mental health nor take help from others. Leaving that aside, professional help in this context means career guidance. When you feel stuck in your career life, you can get help from career counsellors who has profound knowledge of the world of careers and other related concerns.

Let’s discuss career counselling:

Schools, colleges and recruiting companies use career counselling procedures to know about an individual’s cognitive ability, personality traits, behavioural aspects, performance levels, attitude and capacity. The chaining process of Career Counselling Companies in India is psychometric assessments, career assessment reports, one-to-one counselling, individualised action plans, and expert connects. The fundamental requirements of career counselling are 

  • A certified and qualified counsellor
  • A client, a secure environment 
  • A bond of trust and confidence 
  • Psychometric assessments

Career counselling gives awareness of available opportunities and options, enhances overall personality and levels up the skills of college graduates.

Who are career counsellors?

Career counsellors are professional helpers who have completed their degrees in Psychology or Behavioural Science. Career counsellors are of different types. They are school career counsellors, career counsellors for college students and graduates, and career counsellors for working professionals and corporates. Counsellors are experts who address people’s personal and professional queries in general and inform them with methods and techniques accounting for their fruitful mental health. Career counsellors are experts who specialise in the world of careers and have detailed knowledge of more than 40 educational domains and 250+ sub-domains. 

What is the role of career counsellors?

Career counsellors evaluate the assessment reports before sitting for an individual counselling session. During counselling, the counsellors suggest suitable career options to the clients based on their values and personalities. Then they provide an action plan for the clients to stay on track and achieve their goals. Career counsellors also connect the client with other field experts to know the work nature and culture. They assist graduates with their career switch, higher studies, job opportunities, abroad studies, interviews, building resumes, soft skills, employment skills, social skills, personal development skills, etc.

Psychometric assessments for college graduates:

Psychometric assessments are scientifically proven tests to evaluate an individual’s performance level, cognitive ability, personality traits, behavioural aspects, attitude and capacity. It comprises interest and aptitude assessments, career decision-making and career conflict scales to measure an individual’s mind and response towards different situations and circumstances. Psychometric assessments mirror an individual’s strengths and weaknesses before them and others. It is the primary tool utilised by career counsellors in providing career counselling. 

Let’s discuss the college graduates’ concerns: 

College graduates go through many concerns of serious note. A few are listed below for your reference.

  • They do not get a good job and land a good company.
  • They feel their field is not suitable for them after graduating.
  • They develop or have interests in some other course.
  • They face difficulty in building a resume and attending an interview.
  • They feel insecure about themselves and doubt their skills and talents.
  • They feel stuck between getting a job and pursuing higher studies.
  • They have minimal knowledge of abroad colleges admissions, etc.
  • They hate their career decision and blame themselves and their close ones.
  • They lack the required skills and do not meet the job requirements.
  • They do not know their wants and interests.

Significance of career counselling for college graduates: 

The Best Career Counselling in Bhopal states the necessity of career counselling for college graduates.

  • Career counselling helps college graduates know their strengths, interests, abilities, skills, values and personalities and assist them in deciding to get a job or do a master’s degree. 
  • Career counselling assists college graduates with their abroad dreams and helps in choosing the top college, admission requirements, visa procedures, etc.
  • Career counselling makes college graduates realise career switches are usual and impart them the knowledge of alternate side options to pick up based on their interests. 
  • Career counselling help graduates build a resume including all five components (summary, contact details, educational qualification, work experience and skills required). They also teach them the mannerisms and etiquette followed during an interview. 
  • Career counselling help graduates fine-tune their life, social, personal development and employment skills to sustain the competitive job markets.
  • Career counselling helps you turn your passion into a profession by upskilling with the necessary trends and bridging the gap between interests and opportunities. 
  • Career counselling helps you find the perfect and suitable job with a balance of physical, mental and financial satisfaction.


Career counselling benefits students, graduates and working professionals. It is high time for people to realise that career guidance is a need. 

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