A beginners guide to PayPal forex brokers

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This guide reveals the forex brokers that accept withdrawals and deposits through PayPal up to 2022. PayPal isn’t a common payment method in the Forex industry, so finding a broker that supports PayPal isn’t easy. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of PayPal forex brokers who will accept PayPal deposits.

With more than 400 million registered users and 32 million active merchants, as per the PayPal Q2 2021 update for investors, PayPal is the most used e-wallet and online payment service. Its ease of use and market presence makes it a popular option for forex traders to pay their bills.

In contrast to other popular e-wallets that forex traders utilize for trading, like the Skrill or Neteller, PayPal can be used extensively by businesses across all sectors and not only betting platforms and forex brokers. Unsurprisingly, many traders prefer to pay for their trading accounts with PayPal.

What exactly is PayPal?

It is an American online payment processing firm for businesses and provides the consumer with an electronic payment option.

The company is listed publicly on the Nasdaq exchange and operates across more than 200 countries.

The majority of US states have licensed PayPal. It holds a bank license in Luxembourg and is monitored by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, the People’s Bank of China, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the Reserve Bank of India, the Central Bank of Russia, and the Central Bank of Brazil.

PayPal allows you to pay online for transactions without having to disclose your credit card details to anyone. You don’t entirely believe in keeping your personal information secure.

If you already have a balance in your PayPal account, you can add funds to your trading account using your current balance. With PayPal, it is possible to withdraw money in your trade account and transfer them back into the PayPal account, which means you can use them to spend or transfer them to other PayPal Forex brokers.

Complete List of Forex Brokers That Accept PayPal

Apart from highlighting the most highly rated PayPal Forex brokers, here’s an extensive list of brokers that accept the most popular payment method.

  • AvaTrade
  • IC Markets
  • Pepperstone
  • FxPro
  • Oanda
  • BlackBull Markets
  • Markets for FP

The benefits of using PayPal in conjunction with Your Forex broker

PayPal is a top market player within the internet payment industry. PayPal is PCI certified, extremely secure and essential to processing credit card data.

Once you’ve set it up, PayPal is very quick and easy to use. Many brokers provide immediate deposits and withdrawals with PayPal.

PayPal withdrawals and deposits are typically instant, so you can swiftly transfer funds to your trading account. You can connect your debit or credit card or the bank account you have to connect with PayPal. PayPal account. Most brokers cover transaction charges when you transfer money or withdraw funds via PayPal.

The disadvantages of the use of PayPal, along with the help of your Forex broker

PayPal is a very expensive provider of charges for currency exchange. If the currency you use for trading is different from the PayPal account currency or bank account’s currency, you could be charged up to 4 per cent.

Brokers can limit PayPal in certain countries due to compliance reasons. This means that even when PayPal exists in the country you reside in, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your broker will let you transfer funds using PayPal. For instance, Oanda lets you deposit using PayPal for deposits in Canada and Europe, however not those in the United States.

A lot of forex brokers don’t accept PayPal. This means that you may need to make use of multiple e-wallets for various brokers, which can be very inconvenient.

Bank account withdrawals made via PayPal may take as long as two or three working days, depending on where you live.

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