10 Tips You Must Know When Camping In The Desert

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Many tourists visit the Desert to enjoy beautiful and thrilling activities. Some explore the wildlife in the Desert and click wonderful pictures to post them on social media. Experience of deserts is no doubt worth remembering.

People like to stay in the camps and spend nights in the deserts. Tourists travel to different countries to visit deserts. Let’s take the example of Dubai. Tourists crave to spend the night under the beautiful sky. They enjoy the cold of the Desert at night.

If you want to spend a worthy time with your buddies, you want a tent, your buddies, funny activities, and a wide landscape to make the time memorable for a lifetime. Desert safari Dubai offers you much more activities to enjoy at night.

If you love thrills and want to have the best time in the Desert, you should have important information about camping. Here, we have discussed some essential points that you should consider while camping in the Desert.

  • Bring A Great Amount Of Water With You

Even though different bars or stalls may offer you water in the alluring sand of the Desert, your shield still brings a good amount of water with you. Even bring a lot of water whenever you plan about night camping. It is an important tip to consider.

We don’t mean you have to bring too much water with you, but you can pack one gallon for every individual for one day. For backup, you have to pack more gallons. It helps you to do other tasks too, such as cooking and washing.

You know the weather in deserts in the daytime is hot. If you want to plan a night camping after enjoying a day in the Desert, you need to be hydrated. Being dehydrated can prove dangerous for you.

  • Be Prepared For Cold

The Desert becomes cold at night. It may not be a normal cold, so be prepared to face extreme cold while staying at the camp at night. Sometimes the temperature can drop to 30 °F, chrome 100 °F. Pack a warm sleeping bag if you need it at night

We advise you to keep long sleeves and thermal clothing with you to avoid any unhealthy conditions. It’s better to be safe than taking risks for your health.

  • Choose High Ground For Camping

It may seem like a better plan to camp under the area that is shady. We say a big no to this option because camping in the low areas is risky. The reason is that deserts are vulnerable to flash flooding. After raining, the whole landscape of the Desert can quickly alter.

Your camp or tent gets flooded, or you can see a hidden waterfall behind a cliff wall. It appears due to rain that can send rocks to fall on you. Take a high ground for camping, and don’t worry about sunnier mornings because your life is more worthy than extra shade.

  • Use A Tarp To Avoid Shade

It is possible to get shade even on high ground. Take a tarp along with you to get shade at high ground. It also saves you from rain. Not only for dessert, but you can also take it anywhere you want camping. 

Choose a quality tarp for you because it is necessary to have shade in the area of the Desert. No matter where you are going to stay in a camp, a tarp is always a good option for camping.

  • Use Light-Colored Clothes

You may have seen many people giving advice not to bring dark colored clothes with you if you are going to the Desert. The reason is that back clothes work to absorb sunlight. Light colors successfully reflect sunlight. 

  • Avoid Sun Between 10 AM TO 4 PM

Stay out of the rays of the sun between 10 AM to 4 PM. It is the time when the sun is highest in the sky. You can say that it becomes most dangerous at that time. Do not see directly to the sun and use sunglasses.

  • Wear Long Sleeved Clothes

It is important to wear long-sleeved clothes in the Desert. These clothes protect you from sunburn and bites of different insects that may present in the Desert. At night, insects can bite you if you are wearing short sleeves.

  • Be Aware Of Heat-Related Illnesses

There are some dread illnesses related to heat that you can face in the Desert. Be aware of these illnesses such as heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and heat cramps. If you are experiencing these symptoms, go back to your home or tent to stay relaxed.

  • You Should Have Some Salty Snacks

Keep some salty snacks with you to use whenever you feel hungry in the camp late at night. Salty snacks help you to balance the salts and minerals you lose in the Desert.

  • Check Weather Forecast

Always plan camping in the Desert after checking the weather forecast. The reason is that extreme or heavy rain can cause a hassle for you, so it is important to check weather conditions whenever you decide to go camping in the Desert.


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